Antoine Ghanem victim of an explosion


Antoine Ghanem Assassination - Sin el FilAntoine Ghanem got back just two days ago from the UAE.

A booby trapped Mercedes was exploded in the Sin el Fil residential area today, seven people dead in total and 20 wounded. Walid Jumblat was the first to say it was Antoine Ghanem that was at the scene (source: Al Jazeera International). The March 14 movement was the first to point the finger at Syria, how cliché this is becoming. I doubt any proofs are liable to make such a claim so early. Not that this blog is stating that this is false, but the March 14 movement has been saying that for too long without any tangible and reasonable proof. Worse of all, never has any of the explosions and assassination in Lebanon since the 1970s has been sentenced!

While most of the assassinations were Christian targeted, once more, this is the case. The patience and virtuous silence by the people has been remarkable, and while provoked into anger, the Lebanese people have been above all these chaos, acted courageously calm and patient.

The Lebanese people are tired, and know very well that too many nations are involved in Lebanon’s internal affairs, from Syria, to Iran, to Saudi Arabia and finally from the United States of America and Israel.

The Inner Circle strongly condemns the killing of Antoine Ghanem.

6 Responses to “Antoine Ghanem victim of an explosion”

  1. 1 John

    “how cliché this is becoming”
    Rather, how cliche it is becoming that all that are being assassinated are from the M14 coalition!
    You cant blame us for putting the blame on Syria, seeing that for the past 30yrs or so, Syria had a hand in nearly every thing that happened in the Lebanese political scene.. May he RIP!

  2. 2 Guest

    Who else to blame when all the MPs that are killed are from the March14 ? You think that they are killing their own people? If you do, then im sorry to say you have half a mind if not you dont have a mind at all!! because you dont see or you dont ask yourself the question–what do they have to gain in killing their own..oh thats right less numbers to elect a president—seriously GET a clue!!.

    People if you cant see whats infront of you, especially the people who are living in Lebanon, then there is no hope EVER in living in peace! I dont understand why people in lebanon choose chaos/war/hatred over living in peace whether you are christian, shia, sunni, druze or even a jew. Look at the Westners countries they have all kind of religions intertwined…you dont see them killing each other, only in the MidEast!!!

  3. Hey,
    this post was not in my feeds when i finished the roundup for Global Voices. different points of view to the incident is needed and i searched to report as many as possible but was short on time.
    anyway thanks for leaving your comment there.

  4. 4 Tarek

    Syria can’t afford to have a president who is Pro-American! It is simple, they want to kill as many MPs as possible. 4 left. And they will have their way

  5. Khalas, bikaffeh ba’a atiil. If it is Suria or not we Lebanese, or habibeh those living in lebanon want peace. We have jobs, friends, and want to live!!

    Syria and America needs to leave us live alone!

  6. 6 Malaga

    It is not obvious who to put the blame. And it has very easy to put the finger on Syria.

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