Khalass – and many more…


This famous word uttered by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Bernard Kouchner at Saint Cloud, sparked a movement among Lebanese that are in fact fed up of the political stalemate between one group over the other, hence the word ‘Khallas‘.

The Khalas campaign which is made up of the social fabric of everyday Lebanese, like you and me, to speak out in defiance of political inclinations. It is made up of syndicates, associations, non-governmental organizations, the private sector, and party-goers. The aim is to overpass the current deadlock that our elected politicians have put our Nation into. Note though, that it does not however have any deadlock in society and our everyday errands; but have claimed our vote and emotions to oppose a view of Lebanon our politicians claim to be different than their opponents, all the while speaking on our behalf.

They refuse to agree to disagree, like all democratic governments in the world.

How many organizations like these have spread since 2006? The problem is, we have too many of these movements scattered, instead of one centralized movement. Amam05, AidLebanon, Resolve it Solve it and etc; are the few of many like it.

I must insist that they all have great marketing strategies; Khalass is to launch a TV spot soon, to be aired on local TVs. Watch out for a peoples movement coming your way!