Lebanese army sets example – Wins Back Nahr el-Bared


The Lebanese army has set the example to all local refugee camps –  Today in Lebanese history, the army marched out proudly from the rubble of Nahr el-Bared with a sense of accomplishment.

The Lebanese goverment ‘claimed’ that 222 Fatah al Islam soldiers were killed and 202 others were captured. The inner circle in it’s wide radius congradulates the Lebanese National Army for protecting and defending Lebanese homes from terrorist activties.

“This victory uprooted the biggest threat that faced the Lebanese people because Fatah al-Islam was spreading like cancer cells to target each part of the nation … The organization was aiming to isolate the north from Lebanon to create a terrorist emirate,” said Defense Minister, Elias el Murr

He added that the state would regain “full control” and that the camp would become “a model of the real relationship and healthy relationship between the Lebanese and the Palestinians“.

The army’s head of intelligence said that Fatah al Islam had no links to the Syrian intelligence, thought it had ‘direct links’ to Al Qaeda, but does not have organizational ties to Osama bin Laden’s network.

Of course it will not be allowed for Nahr al-Bared to return to the way it was. The responsibility of security will only be that of the Lebanese security forces,” army Chief of Staff Major General Shawki al-Masri said.

The government has said four Syrian members of Fatah al-Islam confessed to bombing two buses in February in a Christian area near Beirut.


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