Caramel gets two thumbs up! — A must see.


Quel chef d’oeuvre!

Caramel the MovieI have just returned from watching Sikar Banet, better known as Caramel; and I need to confide in testifying that this is by far the best Lebanese or Franco-Lebanese production “I” have seen in my time.

Chapeau, the theme music continues to sway in my mind as I write to you my critique of this beautifully made movie.

The main characters, which consists of five women, each face their own obstacles in their everyday social and personal life presented with a dash of humor.

I will, of course, not ruin the movie by telling you the story; I will on the other hand share with you the remarkable insight Nadine Labaki was able to depict among the Lebanese females which was hinted to me by my female friend who joined me.

After watching the movie, a lot of mixed emotions and chatter in the mind will leave you off with a smile.

Labaki was able to recruit, well talented, never-seen-before actors, with the exception of about one or two which I was not fond of, at least they did not drag me into being convinced of their role; but overall it was splendid!

I will say no further, but encourage everybody to watch Caramel and wish Madame Labaki (I heard she recently got married) all the best of luck in her future productions, and to be certain, many eyes are on the lookout for her next production. Courage!


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