Lebanese week warp-up


Cotton Candy LebanonThe world comes close to, ending this week with various headlines that will hardly scar the future of our lives.

We had the Syrian deal with the Russians on it’s latest air defense system, comes at an eerie time, when Hezbollah is threatening Israel with surprises if Israel decided to enter another drastic war with Lebanon.

We have the Iraqi war, where I feel CNN should probably post the worst jobs of 2007… such as the Iraqi Prime Minister ranking as number one, regardless on who takes on such a role makes little difference;

There is also the Spaniards on an uneasy stance with Israel due to the rapprochement between Spain (Italy and France) with Hezbollah.

As well, France circulated a draft to the United Nations Security Council resolution extending the mandate of the 13,600 FINUL (UNIFIL) soldiers.

… and on one hand Syria and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are in an escalating spat and on the other, Lebanon’s nightlife’s makers and shakers – Cotton Candy’s anniversary which was held in a private area in Gemmayzeh.

Factiously, the most headline that may have affected Lebanese this week, would have probably been the direct social contact in Gemmayzeh, Monot and other areas in Beyrouth and Batroun where despite all political deadlocks, still has a vibrant summer nightlife.

Are Lebanese fed up with politics?

Well, it’s the talk of the town, and no better time than today, where politicians feel the public may not be helping their so-called leaders with the current situation, you hardly hear enthusiasm for people to rebel or fight for a cause via each medias outlet by the use of emotional patriotism, and funny enough, it’s only then, when Lebanese society blooms.


2 Responses to “Lebanese week warp-up”

  1. 1 Malaga

    … and I had to refuel my car at least TWICE… how is that not going to affect my life much?

    heheh keep up Fool :)

  1. 1 Global Voices Online » Lebanon: Upcoming Presidential Elections

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