Aoun’s Camille Khoury wins vacant Metn seat… but not by far


This is it. The official results are out. The Metn by-elections has been grabbed by the FPM‘s Camille Khoury, as all of Sundays nightfall gave confusions since both parties claimed victory.

The many Lebanese websites, including the Lebanese Forces as well as Tayyar‘s portal gave constant poll counts as the information came in. Somehow, there was awkward results, as each portal claimed victory for their candidate.

If you have nothing to do… try to find the mistakes with this portal?

Tayyar Cacophonie, Metn Elections 2007

The March 14 campaign which mostly criticized the alliance of General Michel Aoun with Hezbollah, erupted harsh words in the Christian community as Aoun’s affiliation with Syria and Iran through Hezbollah; a claim strongly criticized by Free Patriotic Movement.

The constant gravitation by the March 14 movement to label G. M. Aoun as a Syrian and Iranian puppet to strike fear into the FPM crowd (which is itself weary of Iranian and American interference in Lebanon) has had little impact on the elections.

On the other hand, the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation filmed cars with Lebanese forces flag with the addition of the flag of the United States of America, roaming in the Metn area, may not have helped Gemayel too much, as voters marched to the polls.

Many questions have been raised and some answers have emerged.

Does Aoun truly has the support of 70% of Christians?

Hardly, he cannot claim to have such a huge support, as the FPM movement barely won the elections by less than 500 votes (out of 75’000).

Has Aoun’s candidacy as President, guaranteed?

Not at all… But he certainly has increased his chances.

For whatever reason, or whatever political inclination any reader may have, the Metn area showed an immense outlook of true Democracy regardless of who won.


3 Responses to “Aoun’s Camille Khoury wins vacant Metn seat… but not by far”

  1. 1 Polprav

    Hello from Russia

  2. 2 Dany

    Sorry for the late reply, but i think Joseph said it all.
    The elections that had place in 2007 were so exceptional and could not really show each party’s size especially that 14 march has shown as if FPM was runing against martyr Pierre Gemayel and not ex president Amin G. and a huge media campaign was made against FPM. Even some pro FPM voted for Gemayel for regional and traditions purposes.
    However, 2009 elections are soon enough to prove each party’s size.

  3. 3 Joseph

    You cannot base Aoun’s christian representation on an election that took place in one area, under the following conditions:

    1. The candidate was an unknown and not General Aoun himself.
    2. The other candidate is a former president.
    3. The other candidate is the father of the martyr
    4. The other candidate is backed by all of the other christian fractions, like the
    Lebanese Forces, the Liberal Party ..
    5. Media owned by Future Movement (Future TV) and Media owned by Lebanese
    Forces (LBC) the top two watched channels in lebanon selling lies and propanganda
    on their channels for two weeks straight.
    6. The lies that were published about aoun in the syrian newspapers.
    7. The public statements by the SSNP and BAATH parties aimed at disfiguring General
    Aoun’s image.
    8. Metn is the stronghold of the Phalanges party.

    If Aoun’s backing to Camile Khoury gave him a win over all of the above, then I would say 70% is the least General Aoun could represent throughout the nation.

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