True Democracy restricted to Metn Area – only


While Beyrouth’s MP is slowly but surely in Mr. Itani’s (Future Movement) advantage, the Metn on the other hand is witnessing democracy at its fullest bloom.

Metn, Lebanon; is witnessing a though election for the Maronite seat of assassinated minister Pierre Gemayel.

Follow your heart or mind?

This was the main debate between Plato and Aristotle, pointing his finger to the ground signifying his down to earth and realistic view of the world which follows the reason of the mind, and Aristotle pointing to the sky signifying his surrealism and the reason of the heart.

The fierce and constant complaint by G. Michel Aoun and the emotional campaign led of former president Amine Gemayel both democratically trying to grab the vacant seat by Pierre Gemayel (slay son of Amine Gemayel).

The Metn, where residents of a local building may have mixed political inclinations, is in for a close race.

All eyes point to the Metn elections.


One Response to “True Democracy restricted to Metn Area – only”

  1. I hate to nitpick, but your description of Aristotle and Plato’s respective philosophies leaves much to be desired. For starters, you reversed the characters: Aristotle is the man on the right, pointing towards the ground, while Plato is on the left, pointing to the sky.

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