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The biggest trick society was able to pull, was to make us feel we Lebanese, are not alike. Now you know. I, from my standpoint, state; that the biggest conspiracy of conspiracies in which Lebanese so passionately adore, was the highest bid in foreign nations to somewhat show us, that we, Christians, Druze, Muslims and […]

Quel chef d’oeuvre! I have just returned from watching Sikar Banet, better known as Caramel; and I need to confide in testifying that this is by far the best Lebanese or Franco-Lebanese production “I” have seen in my time. Chapeau, the theme music continues to sway in my mind as I write to you my […]

The world comes close to, ending this week with various headlines that will hardly scar the future of our lives. We had the Syrian deal with the Russians on it’s latest air defense system, comes at an eerie time, when Hezbollah is threatening Israel with surprises if Israel decided to enter another drastic war with […]

As if the Israeli military needed more an ego boost from the US. Think time is on Arabs side? As for American foreign policy, the main Democratic candidates are equally staunch in their support of Israel; With the unfair, and unbalanced response by Israel due to the capturing of two Israeli soldiers last summer in […]

This is it. The official results are out. The Metn by-elections has been grabbed by the FPM‘s Camille Khoury, as all of Sundays nightfall gave confusions since both parties claimed victory. The many Lebanese websites, including the Lebanese Forces as well as Tayyar‘s portal gave constant poll counts as the information came in. Somehow, there […]

While Beyrouth’s MP is slowly but surely in Mr. Itani’s (Future Movement) advantage, the Metn on the other hand is witnessing democracy at its fullest bloom. Metn, Lebanon; is witnessing a though election for the Maronite seat of assassinated minister Pierre Gemayel. Follow your heart or mind? This was the main debate between Plato and […]