‘Lebanon is my Religion’


The following was a comment written by “The Patriot, Daniel” from Baytroun, Lebanon; to Naharnet.

Saad Harriri was never, is never, has never been, and will never be, or won’t ever be, anything like his father. What a sorry and pathetic chip off the old block!

However, and but!

His father, Rafiq Hariri – after all is said and done, and which nobody in their right minds can deny – was a great man who did something at least, if not a lot, for Lebanon and the Lebanese.

He swam with the current when he thought it was necessary and expedient to survive, but then, when he realised, or when he saw, where the current was taking, not only him, but all of Lebanon and the Lebanese, too, he began to fight back against the evil forces that were propelling and compelling him, and to swim against the current.
A few of the others also did the same thing when they realised and saw this – no names, if you do or do not mind.
Syria and Iran blamed him for using some of the $45B (or is it $50B) debt in rebuilding Beirut and the modern International Airport, not to mention the several bridges and other constructions which Hezballah – with the help and/or support of their allies, alliances and partners-in-crime – managed to destroy with their Futile, Puerile, Mindless, Foolish and Reckless 12th July Fiasco, Folly, and Madness which they now fool themselves – and try to fool the rest of us – by calling it an “Intisaar Aziim” or a “Divine Victory“.

There are those that might say the airport was too much, but only time will tell. It is true that, because of science and technology, the world is getting smaller, but everything else is getting bigger and populations are exploding faster than crime, violence, pestilences, diseases, natural phenomena, and other causes can control them.
‘They’ murdered him for both reasons – for stealing those funds from ‘Them’ and using it to do all that he did for Lebanon and the Lebanese, and for daring to go against them.

Only one of the reasons would have been enough, but Both? I believe that was why they butchered him so brutally and mercilessly.
His death must not, and shall not, be in vain, and must not, and shall not be swept underneath the carpet of cowardice and ignorance; and not for the sake of Saad Harriri or anyone else, but for the sake of Lebanon and the Lebanese! By God!

I am a Maronite Christian, whatever that means – Horse Shit and Bullshit, if you ask me – but I tell you right here and now – and for free too, to boot – that, as of yesterday, Friday the 13th, I am neither this nor that nor these nor those. – Daniel

I am Lebanese; and I belong to the religion or party or faction or sect or whatever you choose to call it, that has long been discarded by too many but forgotten by none – since it is not a thing anyone can forget – and which is known as Lebanon!

Henceforth and again for as long as I live, Lebanon is my Religion, my Sect, and my politics! By God Again.

Written on July, 14, 2007 – by “The Patriot, Daniel” from Baytroun, Lebanon. The article does not reflect the personal opinions of this blogger.


2 Responses to “‘Lebanon is my Religion’”

  1. 1 kheireddine

    Yes, Saad does not have his father’s charisma and character. My dad, who passed away almost 10 years ago said that one day Rafik Hariri would be killed by the Syrian, once he stops being useful to them. He said also that the future on a nation cannot be based on one man. What is happening today is the proof…

  2. 2 frenchy


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