Gemmayzeh boosts its reputation in defiance of rumours


Random bombings have scared the hot spot for bar-hoppers and restaurant delicatessen. Quartier Gemmayzeh known from its vibrant nightlife has launched a campaign to bring back its crowd.

We want to motivate people to come back to ‘The Street’ again by placing advertising campaign in local newspapers” said Walid Baroudi, owner of Carleone, an Italian restaurant.

Emails circulated from companies and official institutions warning its employees Gemmayzeh was ‘next’ on the hit list – an attempted smear campaign against the floorishing of business in the area. Gemmayzeh needed to remind its crowd that the street is a safe and secure area. They have introduced a new security system that is one of the best.

Gemmayzeh is unique cause it has a wide variety to offer the public.” said Makram Zeeni, owner of Barbu and head of the committee trying to woo back its clientèle.

The Street which consists of five dozen small to medium-sized bars and bistros has witnessed a 40 percent drop in revenue, according to Baroudi, although business was begining to pick up over the last few days. Especially that the summer season is coming up.

But in the last couple of weeks it has increased between 15 and 20 percent” Zeeni said. Nimr Aboud, owner of Bread Restaurant added “on a psychological level, people will feel safer knowing we have improved security on the street.

Which is funny, because right in the middle of Gemmayzeh (facing Bar Louie) there is a Police Station.

Middle East Security, the security company employed in Gemmayzeh (in addition to the Police of course), is a local firm that protects the entire area (Rue Monot included) receives $25’000 a month, adds as well the use of dogs, random checks, parking security and patrol, in addition to the supervision of official checkpoints by our freindly and proud army eager to protect its citizens.


2 Responses to “Gemmayzeh boosts its reputation in defiance of rumours”

  1. 1 kheireddine

    People want to live! What sick minds are placing bombs here and there!

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