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Since I changed cities in my residential country, and my recent vacation to my home country in Lebanon, I’ve been facing too many hectic changes which has reduced my posting patterns on the inner circle. I feel the urge to thank the many who still attend the blog and other inner circle Lebanese and to […]

The following was a comment written by “The Patriot, Daniel” from Baytroun, Lebanon; to Naharnet. Saad Harriri was never, is never, has never been, and will never be, or won’t ever be, anything like his father. What a sorry and pathetic chip off the old block! However, and but! His father, Rafiq Hariri – after […]

Random bombings have scared the hot spot for bar-hoppers and restaurant delicatessen. Quartier Gemmayzeh known from its vibrant nightlife has launched a campaign to bring back its crowd. We want to motivate people to come back to ‘The Street’ again by placing advertising campaign in local newspapers” said Walid Baroudi, owner of Carleone, an Italian […]