American sentiment plunges worldwide, except in Lebanon


The United States’ image is plummeting in many corners of the globe” – Pew Global Attitudes Project

The 47-country survey also found global warming and other environmental problems are seen as the top threat in many places, ahead of nuclear proliferation, AIDS and other dangers.

The United States’ favorable ratings declined in 26 of the 33 countries for which a comparison was available, with negative views particularly strong in the Middle East.

Only 9 percent of those surveyed in Turkey had a favorable view of the United States, while 13 percent did in the Palestinian territories. The United States fared better in Lebanon, where 47 percent responded positively.

In France, 39 percent responded positively.

Public sentiment also fell among long-standing U.S. allies, where many said the United States did not take the interests of other countries into account.

Majorities in 33 of the 47 countries surveyed reported a favorable view of the United Nations, with support strongest in Africa and weakest in the Middle East.

Complete Report (.pdf)


One Response to “American sentiment plunges worldwide, except in Lebanon”

  1. The United State’s favorable rating also increased in another small country (or soon to be country) aggressed by its larger neighbour: Kosovo.

    Is it a coincidence that that country’s aggressor was pursued by an International Tribunal (before being caught and commiting suicide in the Hague).

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