Opposition seriously studying forming second government


This Just in… Source: Al-Manar – The Opposition Studies its Next Move

Two Lebanese GovernmentsA delegation from opposition parties visited former Prime Minister Salim Hoss and said that forming a second government in Lebanon would be a good step the opposition is seriously taking into consideration. Hezbollah official Mahmoud Komati stressed the opposition is also studying other steps to confront what he described as the tunnel which the ruling bloc is seeking to push the country into, by refusing national partnership as well as initiatives to solve the months long political crisis in Lebanon.

Komati said “I can’t say that everything has been decided for. The opposition has an opinion to form a second government, a national unity government, that would see in it representatives from the other political bloc. This government would take the responsibility which the February 14 bloc has been reluctant to take. I can say that this is a serious and reachable conception that is being studied,”. The Hezbollah official called the unconstitutional government to step down after it failed to unveil the truth behind all the security breaches from assassinations, bombings and attacks against the FINUL (UNIFIL).

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One Response to “Opposition seriously studying forming second government”

  1. Thanks for the update LIC (is that a good acronym?).

    This isn’t an unexpected step. As the soon-to-be-released notes of the Arab League’s Secretary General will reveal, the pro-Syrian opposition has consistently avoided any compromise that could benefit the country in favour of destructive actions whose only goal is to return the country into its dominion.

    Unfortunately, it looks like its going to be another hot – and smokey – summer.

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