Lebanon officially declares victory at Nahr El-Bared


Yeeha… Just in time for summer!

Defense Minister Eliass al-Murr declared victory on Thursday in its 33-day war against an al Qaeda-inspired militant group at a Palestinian refugee camp and said its military operation there was over.

I can tell the Lebanese that as of now the military operation in Nahr al-Bared is finished”, Defence Minister Elias al-Murr told LBC television
I dedicate this victory to the Lebanese people … all of the Lebanese people, al-Murr added.

Neighboring Syria on Wednesday closed one of its border crossings into northern Lebanon.

Syria has closed three crossings into north Lebanon, citing security concerns since the start of the Nahr al-Bared fighting. Anti-Syrian Lebanese leaders say Fatah al-Islam is a tool of Syrian intelligence. Both Syria and the group deny any links.

Go figure…


One Response to “Lebanon officially declares victory at Nahr El-Bared”

  1. This “victory” might be interpreted in different ways
    Can be considered as a defeat (http://www.naharnet.com/domino/tn/NewsDesk.nsf/getstory?openform&44BBB220279FF2B7C22573020058C581)
    but that article is biast
    new attacks against al-Murr as he supported Suleiman as a “good president” and he stated he ll support his father in the metn’s elections
    so it s a new illustration of the different breakdown happening inside the majority
    Can be as well interpreted as a defeat as the Lebanese army didn’t penetrated into the old camp and did not secured the “abces sécuritaire”
    I think worse is coming but for the second reason

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