Lebanese troups extend 48 more hours to settle Nahr El-Bared


Todays first page Lebanese dailies extended another 48 hours to the patience of its citizens as summer kicks in.

On a positive tone, the army indeed has progressed immensely and has sacrificed many of its courageous soldiers in defiance of terror and chaos Fatah al-Islam is trying to prove in retaliation for the poor conditions Palestinian refugees live in, though most Palestinians strongly deny that Fatah al-Islam speaks on their behalf.

The Lebanese army said it has seized all the main positions of its Islamist foes in the besieged refugee camp.

The Lebanese government has pledged to support and finance the families and children of the fallen Lebanese soldiers’ education up until University level.

Mediators between Fatah al-Islam and the Lebanese army was relayed via Palestinian clerics , and stated that Fatah al-Islam “has agreed to the conditions” of a truce. Though the conditions are still yet to be announced, but seems wary due to the sensitivity of the issue.

We are meeting with the army command on Wednesday morning to present what has been agreed upon, said a Palestinian cleric.

It has been declared that Fatah al-Islam and the Lebanese army have agreed to a cease fire; listing the return of of displaced refugees to Nahr al-Bared, formation of a permanent security forced composed of members from leading Palestinian factions and the eradication of Fatah al-Islam.

The head of the Army, Michel Suleiman, said the army’s decision to eradicate Fatah al-Islam is “final and irreversible“.

Fingers crossed and best wishes to our Lebanese National Army.


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