The Plan to reduce the parliamentary majority through murder.


With Eido’s death, U.S.-backed Prime Minister Fouad Saniora’s majority in parliament has been whittled down to only four seats. If he loses those — either by deaths or defections — his government could fall, a goal of the pro-Syrian opposition led by Hezbollah and the anti-Syrian Free Patriotic Christian Movement.

Samir Geagea, another leading Christian member of the anti-Syrian, pro-western coalition, accused Syria on Friday of killing Eido — a claim echoed by many of the government’s supporters and denied by Damascus.

“Eido was assassinated to reduce the parliamentary majority in order to bring the government down,” Geagea said at a news conference.

Government supporters blame Syria in all the assassinations. Syria, which opposes the international tribunal, denies any role. Hezbollah and its allies say the killings have been carried out by unknown parties aiming to enflame Lebanon’s political crisis.

So far, Lebanon’s leaders have kept a cap on reprisal violence.

As for the other frustrating crisis in the North of this 10452 km of hell, an analysis by VOA could be found here.


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    hi! could you please help me translating this?
    انا وونديرفول ذلك ، فأنا حتى نيس

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