Nahr al-Bared symptom extends to Ain al-Hilweh


Since Friday, the shelling has devastated large parts of Nahr al-Bared camp, leveling buildings, used by the gunmen Fatah al-Islam to fire at Lebanese army troops but also destroying many civilian homes.

“There is no square meter that has not been hit by a shell,” one camp resident told Reuters by telephone. “We can’t leave the building we are in, let alone the street, to find out the full extent of the devastation.”

This blogger ponders on ‘when or whether all this Nahr al-Bared fiasco is over… Where will the Palestinians go back to? Please refer to a previous post on the inner circle, titled Tawteen el Phalestiniyeen

In an indication that violence could engulf other parts of Lebanon, Islamist militants attacked an army checkpoint at another camp, Ain al-Hilweh in south Lebanon, but this time, by a militia group called “Jund al-Sham” (The Army of greater Damascus)

Security sources said 10 soldiers had been killed since Friday.


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