List of Clean beaches for 2007


Lebanons’ Clean Beaches for summer 2007The famous international tribunal is over (June 10) and in the hands of a foreign country willing to host it; meanwhile the summer kicks in!

Well, not quite… I’d hate to be a bummer, but have you asked about this summers’ clean beaches?

Last summers’ war between Israel and Hezbollah was devastating; On 13 July 2006, and again on 15 July 2006, the Israeli Air Force bombed the Jiyeh power station, causing the worst oil spill since the Exxon Valdez , and has caused immense damage to Lebanons’ ecosystem and precious mediterranean sea.

Lebanons’ Clean Beaches for summer 2007 – provided by Ministry of Environment and Development.

Click on the map to see where it is safe to swim.

Update (25 June 2008): Now after two years’ work dedicated to it, the Mediterranean has recovered its blue and the white sandy beaches are back to their sparkling former glory.

Only the Jozor al-Nakhel, or Palm Tree Island, nature reserve, west of the northern town of Tripoli is still being cleaned.