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Signs of hope to settle the impasse of the halt of parliament has shed light yesterday, as a meeting held with Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea at Bkirki. While the next biggest debate facing the country would be the battle for Baabda, this was said: The formation of a second government would constitute as a […]

While politics will still roam Lebanese go clubbers‘ chit-chat, the tone will be somewhat careless. Deep down, what is really happening in Lebanon’s political turmoil will mean little to the summer that will kick in socially. Last year, the lively to almost embarrassing image of Lebanese clubbing and partying during the summer war was impossible […]

The United States’ image is plummeting in many corners of the globe” – Pew Global Attitudes Project The 47-country survey also found global warming and other environmental problems are seen as the top threat in many places, ahead of nuclear proliferation, AIDS and other dangers. The United States’ favorable ratings declined in 26 of the […]

This Just in… Source: Al-Manar – The Opposition Studies its Next Move A delegation from opposition parties visited former Prime Minister Salim Hoss and said that forming a second government in Lebanon would be a good step the opposition is seriously taking into consideration. Hezbollah official Mahmoud Komati stressed the opposition is also studying other […]

The Lebanese government of Fouad Saniora “is dictated, run, managed and funded by the United States of America” – that is the claim the leader of the FPM movement G. M. Aoun and Hezbollah openly accuse. In todays news, after the meeting of U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice with newly elected French President Nicolas […]

The Cabinet’s decision to no longer acknowledge Good Friday as an official national holiday poses great threat to a major identity among Lebanese diversity. Good Friday is “a central day in Christian culture“, said Archbishop Bishara Raii. This blogger assumes Lebanese as one of the initial founders of Christianity and it’s traditional rituals that was […]

Yeeha… Just in time for summer! Defense Minister Eliass al-Murr declared victory on Thursday in its 33-day war against an al Qaeda-inspired militant group at a Palestinian refugee camp and said its military operation there was over.

Todays first page Lebanese dailies extended another 48 hours to the patience of its citizens as summer kicks in. On a positive tone, the army indeed has progressed immensely and has sacrificed many of its courageous soldiers in defiance of terror and chaos Fatah al-Islam is trying to prove in retaliation for the poor conditions […]

Top Chrono… The Lebanese National Army has stated that it will end the siege of Nahr el-Bared in 48 hours after a 5-week intensive fight with the extremists Fatah al-Islam militia that has killed over 70 Lebanese soldiers. Anyone know exactly what Fatah al-Islam wanted ? Lets hope the army’s credibility and statement holds valid. […]

Akh, the headache of Politics… I’m glad to shed some light on our ideal image and culture to be broadcasted to the world and not through CNN and the sort. Nadine Labaki has released her new movie Caramel (Sikar Banet) trailer movie.

With Eido’s death, U.S.-backed Prime Minister Fouad Saniora’s majority in parliament has been whittled down to only four seats. If he loses those — either by deaths or defections — his government could fall, a goal of the pro-Syrian opposition led by Hezbollah and the anti-Syrian Free Patriotic Christian Movement. Samir Geagea, another leading Christian […]

“There are joint French, Saudi and Iranian efforts and, more importantly, domestic Lebanese political efforts,” Shibani said, Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon.=

I have come across Robert Fisk’s informative article. He shed’s light on un-noteworthy information seen by the media to emphasize on, even though they were mentioned. Source. Robert Fisk: Can the Lebanese army fight America’s war against terror?   On the surface, it all makes sense. A group of radical Islamists fighting the Lebanese army […]

Since Friday, the shelling has devastated large parts of Nahr al-Bared camp, leveling buildings, used by the gunmen Fatah al-Islam to fire at Lebanese army troops but also destroying many civilian homes. “There is no square meter that has not been hit by a shell,” one camp resident told Reuters by telephone. “We can’t leave […]

It took me a while to decide whether to post this on the inner circle. Rather, diversifying Lebanese topics is much encouraged in a politicized conspire Lebanon from either east or west. The video, the second one was forwarded to me by an old scholar and Lebanese gentlemen living today in the United States for most […]

Syria has reacted angrily to the UN’s decision to set up a special international tribunal to try the killers of the former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri, warning that it could worsen the already volatile situation in Lebanon. Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, has already made clear that he will not cooperate with the international body.Walid […]

The famous international tribunal is over (June 10) and in the hands of a foreign country willing to host it; meanwhile the summer kicks in! Well, not quite… I’d hate to be a bummer, but have you asked about this summers’ clean beaches? Last summers’ war between Israel and Hezbollah was devastating; On 13 July […]