Syria predicts trouble after Tribunal


If Lebanon is going to be unstable it is the doing of those who say that Lebanon is going to be unstable,” Saad Hariri said.

Other than Fath al-Islam which is widely believed by the majority of Lebanese to be a Syrian tool – The gap among Lebanese themselves has widened politically.

Hezbollah and its allies have always said they support the tribunal in principle but wanted to discuss its mandate.

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, said the U.N. vote had ignored Lebanon’s constitution and the need for Lebanese consensus. “You have picked internationalization instead of the state,” Berri said.

A Hezbollah statement said the council vote had “opened the door to international interference and hegemony” in Lebanon and that the resolution had breached national and international law.

What we would like to see the opposition do, is to stop being afraid,” Saad Hariri said and added “What kills me is that a party like Hezbollah is not afraid of Israel but they are afraid of Syria.”

Khaled from Beyrouth, Lebanon; an unknowing Lebanese inner circle member has written below this post to Naharnets’ comments. As the forum is flooded with anti-Syrian emotions, the feelings start to sway in a fearful direction after UNSR 1757.

This blogger may not necessarily agree with Khaled; Nevertheless his choice of wording was unedited.

Headline title – Syria: ‘Establishing Court Could Worsen Lebanon Situation

I’m sorry to be the one that brings this up, but you guys are well aware that the tribunal will not be set up for another year.

This means, that if you guys are right about Syria’s involvement in everything, then we have effectively declared war on Syria with the tribunal as our only weapon, and we won’t be getting that until 8 to 12 months.

And we all know the Syrian regime. They’re not above revenge. Their downfall seems quite certain as Renno points out in his first post: “I assure you that there is undeniable evidence Of Syria’s responsibility in Hariri’s death and all the attacks carried out since then against Lebanon.” (Renno I’d like to know where you have access to this “undeniable evidence”), I guess you have your secret channels).

So what’s going to happen to Lebanon now? What’s the price we’re going to pay today for this tribunal? What happens if Brammertz accuses Syria and Bashar refuses to show up at the tribunal? What if Hizbollah or one of their allies gets summoned before the tribunal and refuses to show up, not necessarily because they’re guilty, but because they are against the tribunal on principle?

What if the US then cites Chapter 7 to force whoever the court chooses to summon to show up? We saw what happened in Iraq when they were in “material breach” of a UN resolution under Chapter 7… They weren’t in “material breach” because they were hiding WMDs as we all found out a little too late, the were in “material breach” because they being unfriendly to the UN inspectors. The US effectively invaded Iraq because of their attitude, no more no less.

So what happens if someone in Lebanon or Syria is unfriendly to the tribunal? Are we ready to face such consequences? […]

Khaled, Beyrouth – Lebanon (31/05/2007)


3 Responses to “Syria predicts trouble after Tribunal”

  1. 1 Ralf

    I dont understand the logic behind the theory saying that the tribunal is going to bring hell to Lebanon, and therefore we better be WITHOUT IT!!!!
    First it is unfortunate to hear this from yesterdays Lions against the syrian regime, and i’m pointing at the FPM who wants to NORMALIZE the relations with Syria, justifying it by “Syria will raise hell in Lebanon” if we stay in this aggressive attitude toward it:
    This is total BS:
    – Surrendering to their intimidation is accepting our dependance toward Syria. When Aoun says we want good relations with syria el Assad, it means we are not an independant country that can argue with Syria.
    – For the first time in history we have the chance to make the murderers pay for their crime, and what do we show: hesitation, fear, bad justification … we trully do not deserve the international community taking care of us
    – For those who think that lebanon is going to know a period of instability, guys it has been instable for 50 years
    – Our present instability comes from 2 parties who hold weapons: Hezbollah and the Palestinian, and as long as the army will not be the exclusive holder of weapons the instability will stay.
    – Finally, stop comparing this tribunal as the gates of the appocalypse for Lebanon, we are already in hell, and that tribunal is the light that we need to follow to get out of there.

  2. 2 Real Cat

    Khaled is arguing about the short terms outcomes of the Tribunal setup, like most of lebanese because we can’t plan for the future.

    During the 15 years of civil wars lebanese got used to live the day by day life and worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes. This continued to be the mode of operations after the civil war ended and we still had to look fo something to happen today and make sure we survive til the next day.

    Shortsightedness is not acceptable anymore and if Syria is going to burn Lebanon for the setup of the Tribunal then it’s only because they are involved up to their heads. I could go with the saying that this tribunal could be used as a tool by the US to pressure Syria into accepting certain conditions. But as a fact Syria got involved in the mess by declaring itself the pion for stability in the Mideast. So Syria wanted to Play big not Lebanon.

    I believe that any future has to be planned and the Lebanese people future needs to be decided by us and if we make mistakes (like accepting this tribunal) then it could be added to the lessons learned that we never learnt from and no other nation has the power to deny us that.

  3. 3 Krikor Markarian

    It is important that all Lebanese undrstand, especially 14 Azar, that this resolution has officially opened the “killing season” in Beirut. I am a strong supporter of Lebanese autonomy, politcal, cultural and religious, but I blieve that this resolution will bring Lebanon to the brink of an abyss. We will either survive (if the U.S., France and othe western ackers do not tire of the mess), or become the official satelite state of Iran.

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