Relentlessly, the ball gets in their court


Lebanon is not the homeland of any party, group, sect, or religion, it is the country of all Lebanese,” Saniora said today after an emotional family matter to Saad Hariri’s welcoming speech to the UN vote.

Using a crude and abstract scoring board, the government has added today an additional point granted to its reputation. The opposition on the other hand, have kept up a good rivalry, as it has as well accumulated points in different achievements it had accomplished. With all this, we sadly don’t have a ‘united government front’ in face of the outside world, whether friends or foes.

The United States and European allies, acting despite opposition from Russia, scheduled a vote for Wednesday on a binding Security Council resolution establishing an international court. Churkin, the Russian ambassador, outlined his country’s opposition in a way that seemed to presage an abstention rather than a veto. – NY Times

“We have no problem with the idea that things must move ahead with the tribunal,” Mr. Churkin said. “We accept that it should not simply be in a dead end,” he said, and that “the course of justice must be served.”

The sponsors tried to win Russian support on Friday by providing for a grace period until June 10 for the action to take effect.

Upon this news, the accumulated political burden of crimes for the past 863 days has been lifted off Lebanese citizens collectively. I would have loved to have added as well of our national security or even economic momentum. The government is on the stage to show its people primarily and the world body that it can contain and settle terrorist coups, politically if negotiations permits, or forcefully.

When the international tribunal is out of the way, the government predicts that Syria will have much less influence in Lebanon, and will have much greater problems of its own.

Is that a good sign for Lebanon?

lets hope.


One Response to “Relentlessly, the ball gets in their court”

  1. 1 Phoenix

    June 10th.should be the real Tahreer day or Independence; Syria considers Lebanon a part of its territory, hopefully the Syrians will have to realize that their approach is not beneficial to their own exsistence nor to peace in the region.
    Until the Iternational Tribunal points fingers at Harriri’s murderers, Syria will keep the pressure on, politically and militarily, to try to obstruct the findings of the tribunal.

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