Capital Punishment – Texas Style


Capital PunishmentPalestinian President Mahmoud Abbas yesterday gave an open appreciation to the Lebanese courtoisie of Palestinians since that have refuged since the 1950, and clearly stated that Palestinians in Lebanon are guests and are grateful to the Lebanese law that has welcomed them in their hard times, and also pointed out that Palestinians do not, and should not interfere in internal Lebanese policies whatsoever.

The Mideast News Source has published an article today from experts that say Lebanon’s standoff is unlikely to spread to other Refugee Camps.

I think there is an understanding that the Fatah Al-Islam phenomenon and what’s going on has no connection to the Palestinian situation; There is no concern that this will have any impact on other Palestinian refugees in the region.

Meanwhile, military magistrate Jean Fahd indicted Wednesday 11 members of Fatah al-Islam with charges punishable by the death penalty according to Lebanon’s penal code. The suspects were charged with “forming an armed gang with the intent of committing crimes against the population and property, targeting state authority, attacking public civilian and military institutions and carrying out terrorist attacks.”

Lebanon is one of third world countries* left with the United States to abide by the Capital Punishment. The European Union strongly opposes such verdicts.

Capital punishment is as fundamentally wrong as a cure for crime as charity is wrong as a cure for poverty. – Henry Ford

* term used in this context, as opposed to ‘Developing Nations’


3 Responses to “Capital Punishment – Texas Style”

  1. Capital punishment in Lebanon. I share your distate for the sentence and I think that in places like the U.S. there should be a moves aimed at abolishing it.

    In Lebanon the situation is a little different. Unfortunately I don’t think its exactly the right time to devote any official resources (private citizens are free to do as they wish of course) to this subject. Its a depressing thought but I think its realistic. I mean we’re stuck in the middle of a military crisis, a political crisis, and a social crisis due to the deep divisions that have permeated the country.

    Maybe once we take care of these (or the first two at least) we can start think of other ways to make our country a better place.

  2. 2 something angry

    They had choose to live like animals, they shall die as such – bunch of kalbs.
    Go Army!

  3. 3 maverick

    true true, the thing is apocalyptic Jihadists who kill indiscriminately and use all sorts of measures cannot be dettered or stopped unless by force…If you jail them,it wont stop their persistance.You cannot council them psychologically.Their mode of violent operations are not a means to an end but an end in themselves,so how would you deal with such units in the most humane way?

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