I love you more than you love me


Fatah Al Islam TVSelf-proclaimed Fatah al Islam leader, which has been battling the Lebanese army in a Palestinian refugee camp, vowed today to fight “the Americans and the Jews“.

Al Jazeera, beginning to be viewed as the official spokesperson of Al Qaīda, identified the man as Shaker al-Abssi and said it was the Palestinian’s first public appearance.

We say to you, the guardians of the American project, the Sunni people will be leaders in fighting the Jews, the Americans and their loyalists,” Abssi said, referring to Lebanese leaders.

Fatah al Islam, a clump of various Arabs, numbered between 250 and a thousand, openly declared in the middle of a fragile truce, that they are more righteous than our Lebanese compatriots, Hezbollah; which is in fact one of Lebanons’ main religions, tending towards the Shia sect. Fatah al-Islam is bonded by the Salafi sect, a Sunni fundamentalist group.

To any Lebanese throughout the spectrum, this story sounds eerie.

They love Palestine, more than Hezbollah loves Palestine; therefore Fatah al-Islam ought to battle this nation, in show of defiance to the democratically elected Seniora government. The Lebanese prime ministers’ post is restricted to Sunnies.


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