Sporadic fighting resumes at ‘Nahr el Bared’ camp


The Lebanese Prime Minister, Fouad Siniora, vowed to “uproot” terrorism from Lebanon in his address to the nation, blaming the Fatah al-Islam militants for using the Palestinian refugees. Renewed fighting has also taken place between the militants and the as hostages in their goal of destabilizing Lebanon. The Prime Minister said that the government would not “surrender to terrorism” and would work to eradicate it. Siniora also stressed that the target of military operations are the militants and not the Palestinian refugees in the camp.Lebanese army. On Thursday, the Lebanese national military shot and sank two inflatable boats carrying militants from the Nahr al-Bared camp. But, the BBC reported that Thursday’s gunfire exchanges were sporadic and that there was no sign of the heavy shelling seen before. But government threats of harsh action against the militants has raised fears that the Lebanese national army could begin an all-out assault on the camp at any time, raising further concerns for the humanitarian situation of those civilians still inside.

It has been widely believed that Syria is funding and arming Fatah-al Islam in light of the U.N. Tribunal for the assassination FPM R. Hariri and 22 others following February 14, 2005.

Fatah al-Islam itself has denied any links to “parties and states outside Lebanon.”


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