Complexities of the Tribunal – moving on


The tribunal is not a Lebanese affair. It has moved on to the international scene. Current Lebanese political parties are not involved. The international community sees that the Lebanese Government has done its utmost to pass the tribunal gracefully;

Nevertheless, it has been stated by all influential nations as well as the majority parliament in Lebanon for the passing of the tribunal.

Moving the tribunal under Chapter VII.

In any case, the tribunal will pass, due to chapter VII which stipulates that the necessity for the government to acknowledges the tribunal is not mandatory; Russia has even stated (which is currently at odds with the US for installing a missile defense system in Europe) that it will not veto the tribunal at the United Nations.

So we find that the whole world has agreed on or conspired to pass the tribunal. This blogger notes the importance the international community is placing pressure for the passing of the tribunal, hints at the severity and gravity of the situation at the international level. I find that it is useless for the Lebanese deadlock to continue on this topic specifically which has been a main point of debate.

Although the misconception that the opposition is blocking the tribunal, creates a deep division amoung Lebanese, raises the intention of protecting Syria, which has been widely blamed for the crime and demonstrate support to the nation which dominated Lebanon for the past three decades in all political matters and security.


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