AIPAC on trial


Bush_AIPACThe American Israel Public Affairs Committee goes on trial in the US for espionage, blamed for passing purloined intelligence to Israeli government officials, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist characterized them as “activities that go on every day in Washington, and that are clearly protected under the First Amendment.”

On Aug. 4, 2005, Rosen, Weissman, and Pentagon analyst Larry Franklin were indicted by a federal grand jury and charged with violating provisions of the Espionage Act that forbid divulging national defense information to persons not authorized to receive it.

Tell not sell: unlike the majority of post-Cold War spies, the AIPAC-Franklin espionage ring was not centered around financial gain but ideology. Franklin is a dedicated neoconservative, a minor yet key player in the neocon network, who served in the military attache’s office in the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv in the late 1990s and was a Defense Intelligence Agency analyst with expertise in Iranian affairs working in Douglas Feith’s policy shop.

The Weiss group likens the prosecution of Rosen and Weissman to the Dreyfus case—in effect positing the existence of a vast anti-Semitic conspiracy at the highest levels of the Justice Department. Not exactly a credible contention, offered, as it is, without evidence, but the defenders of Rosen and Weissman are getting more frantic as the trial date approaches.

► The next presidential elections in the US is scheduled for November 4, 2008. The media signals high chances for Democratic nominees to take the lead in US foreign policies, as opposed to the current regime.

This blogger strongly suggests its readers read ‘the Israel Lobby and the US foreign policy‘.

Here is an overview of the AIPAC’s efforts in the US on the ‘Doha Debate’.


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