Sarkozy vers l’Elysée


The new French President Nicolas Sarkozy won yesterday by 53% over his opposing socialist candidate Ségolène Royale. Sarkozy is set to foot in office two weeks from now.

The outcome needs sinking in.

The International Herald Tribune, published the following statements by world leaders:

► Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres called Sarkozy a “friend of Israel,” and welcomed Sarkozy’s fresh appeal for peace in the Middle East during his victory speech.

During his speech Sunday, Sarkozy appealed for all warring parties in the Middle East to “overcome hate,” and called for the creation of a “Mediterranean Union” modeled after the EU peace-project started 50 years ago from the ashes of WW II.

► Israeli PM Ehud Olmert expressed confidence that Israeli-French relations would improve. “I am sure that cooperation between us will be fruitful, and together we can push forward diplomacy and peace in our region,” Olmert said.

In Lebanon, parliamentary majority leader Saad Hariri — son of slain leader Rafik Hariri — sent a congratulatory message to Sarkozy saying he was “confident that the historic relations between Lebanon and France will continue developing on the political, economic and cultural levels during your presidency.

The late Rafik Hariri had been a friend of Chirac, who has been leading efforts to support the Lebanese government and create an international tribunal to try the former prime minister’s killers. – IHT

Sounds funny?

This blogger invites you to read Sarkozy’s policy on French foreign affairs, concerning Lebanon.

► Out of the 6346 Lebanese French that voted in Lebanon, 72% voted for Sarkozy while 28% voted for Royale.

► Bellow is Tony Blairs’ félicitations to France’s Sarkozy.


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