Patriarch turns down Aoun’s suggestion


President of Lebanon E. Lahouds’ term will expire on November 22.

As the clock ticks, some leaders are getting out of their shell to hint at their candidacy.

Sfeir back from the VaticanGéneral M. Aoun launched his presidential campaign on wendsday while the Maronite Patriarch was at the Vatican to update Pope Benedict XVI on the situation in Lebanon.

Aoun’s Free Patriotic Movement called for ‘popular’ presidential elections.

Changing the rules of the game, comes as a threat to the Patriarch, for the simple reason this blogger beleives is to prove that Aoun holds the majority of Christians’ support, politically.

Aoun is well aware that the Patriarch will not play along with it, and the whole political arena knows very well the presidency is in the hands of the Patriarch or at least has major influence.

Even though the Patriarch dismissed Aouns’ call for popular presidential elections, he had a lenient tone towards the opposition by supporting Speaker N. Berri while emphasizing on the need for all parties to adhere to the Constitution.

The presidential elections is extremely complicated, which carries sensitive subjects

like the ‘Electoral Law’, among many others.

Patriarch Sfeir as always refused to identify his preferred candidate, and pointed out that:

The first round of parliamentary sessions on the presidential issue should have 2/3 of parliament present.

Meanwhile, resigned minister Tarrad Hamadeh said “Aoun has the best chance of winning… and while he might not necessarily win, he will be one of the strongest candidates“.

Justice minister Charles Rizk stressed on the importance of “a whole new presidential regime that would reinstate all the constitutional institutions” and that it is not a matter of “replacing one person with an other“.