The right to a ‘Divine Victory’?


Nasrallah Confirms Divine VictoryHezbollah leader Sheikh Sayyed Nasrallah sarcastically pointed out that “sadly we wait for an Israeli commission to tell us we have won“.

In a previous blog, I asked the question as to why we Lebanese, do not recognize Hezbollahs’ victory, while the western media acknowledges it to be so, and more recently concurred by the Israeli “Winogard Report”.

It could be debatable that the war caused a hefty burden on Lebanese civilians and the economy, which is very true; and the potential of having a harsh enemy such as Israel makes me wonder if we could afford to have such a neighbor as an enemy?

As to whom got out as the victor, this blogger confidently crowns his fellow Lebanese resistance. And as to who got out as the ultimate looser, is his fellow human being.