The fight for Baabda?


… Dosen’t sound as familiar.

the Fight for Baabda

Without comment, I list the Oppositions’ official statements before the press.

On one side the anatomy of the opposition,

Hizbullah agrees on a president who is committed to the memorandum of understanding between it (Hizbullah) and Gen. Aoun,” Hizbullah MP Mohammed Raad said in remarks published by the daily An Nahar on Tuesday.

“The national Opposition will deem any president who has not been elected by a two-thirds quorum as unconstitutional,” Raad said.

Aoun’s Free Patriotic Movement called for ‘popular’ presidential elections.

AounAoun also called for the new Lebanese president to be elected directly by the people if there was no possibility of holding early parliamentary elections.

He described calls for unity between Christians as undemocratic.
“The call for Christian unity is a call for provocation,” he said.

“There are always a majority and minority in the logic of democracy. Unanimity is manifested in dictatorship,” he added.
He also dubbed as “conspirators” those who continue to talk about division between Christians. – Al Nahar