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“If Lebanon is going to be unstable it is the doing of those who say that Lebanon is going to be unstable,” Saad Hariri said. Other than Fath al-Islam which is widely believed by the majority of Lebanese to be a Syrian tool – The gap among Lebanese themselves has widened politically. Hezbollah and its […]

Lebanon is not the homeland of any party, group, sect, or religion, it is the country of all Lebanese,” Saniora said today after an emotional family matter to Saad Hariri’s welcoming speech to the UN vote.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas yesterday gave an open appreciation to the Lebanese courtoisie of Palestinians since that have refuged since the 1950, and clearly stated that Palestinians in Lebanon are guests and are grateful to the Lebanese law that has welcomed them in their hard times, and also pointed out that Palestinians do not, and […]

The short-lived grab-on of the presidency role, and the departure of yet another Lebanese president in September, concludes in smiles between Maronite Patriarch and P. Emile Lahoud. The post-lunch meeting held at Bkirki yesterday, gave a breeze of new ideas. Lahoud has put forth a suggestion (whether from his behalf or his political momentum of […]

Scary title? worth the read. Here’s the other half of the story. Has anybody ever asked what Fateh al-Islam wants or why? Finally we have an image for this mysterious group, and it doesn’t look good at all. It heats up at minute 3:00.

Lebanese associate producer Rita Dagher, known for associate producer of  Micheal Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” , defends à Cannes her new project “Move On”, as well as “Terror’s Advocate” de Barbet Schroeder up for nominee in the selection “Un Certain Regard”. Though Rita Dagher is francophone, she has excelled more in U.S. markets than in francophone […]

Associated Press. Palestinian factions have presented the government with a four-point plan aimed at a peaceful resolution to the camp standoff, Abu Imad Rifai, a representative of the Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad, told the Associated Press on Sunday.