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I’ll never forget the coverpage of ‘The Economist’ dated August 19, 2006, following the ’34-day war’, truly speaks louder than words. Many Lebanese criticize the war as being exhaustively damaging to the economy; all the while, doubting Israeli policies towards Lebanon in general. About the Hizbullah victory… Well I’ll reiterate a post I submitted in […]

I’d like to use a country like Iraq as a model nation to look at, in the third person. Iraqi media kept on saying for six months that Iraq was on ‘the Brink‘ of civil war, all the while insurgents blowing themselves up in measurable number, the Iraqi media stated that it was still on […]

The year, 2005. Remember 2005? That’s about two years. Is anyone aware of the last two years? From Rafiq al-Hariris’ broad daylight assassination, to Aoun and Geagea back into the political scene, An official Syrian military withdrawal, The declared and open murder of several political figures, Hezbollah ignites and responds to a full pledged war with […]