The Lebanese Wild Card


News Flash: Carload of Machine Guns Confiscated

This is starting to get a bit more serious than the previous news we’ve been hearing coming out of Lebanon.

I don’t want to hear about bombs. This may be Syria maybe not. But if its not, then it is obvious who would deliberately do this other than Syria. Shamefully a backer of the march14 movement (which I’d like to start calling ‘government’ and ‘opposition’).

Lebanon vs Iraq

Like the 90’s when James Baker agreed with Syria to help the US in the Kuwait war ‘Desert Storm’, in échange for Lebanon, and hence Syria was regarded as the harsh, official sauve-garde of the Lebanon.

Today we see again, with the latest dealings between the US, Europe, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq (bargain problem) and the poor little Lebanon.

When Robert Fisk described the Lebanese problem it gets too obvious, Lebanon is a card on the table among foreign powers. And we, we blindly fall for their claim. We really believe we are against each other for the reason of What is it do we see of Lebanon?

Not religiously, but common everyday socially. “This” is what we

are at first contact. I get up, go to work, or school, then curse the government and get involved in a life I would carry on so much better if only those we employ, called governments, just do their jobs and I did mine around other Lebanese that pass through the same thing. (sometimes its not easy when there is a nation protest and seldom chaos) The impact of government on everyday life. And I love Lebanon. Sadly this word has lost it’s original meaning due to repetition. But frankly, I love life.

My international Inclination:

The US, I don’t trust. But I happen to be lucky, that the US is the foe of Iran, and I am not in favor of Hizbullah attitudes. Though I envy their patriotism. I have less fear from the U.S. than Iran-via Hezbollah.

Europe, I’m fine with, the Mediterranean has a wrapped around history, and I trust France, for it’s genuine care for a viable Lebanon..

As for Saudi Arabia, I sense has it’s own ambitions, I feel, are not about ‘changing’ Lebanon, a characteristic which is very apparent in American culture.

Iran, it may… I am not certain, does not have any bad intentions towards Lebanon. Hopefully, unless it feels it must make another Iraq out of Lebanon, if it sees American interference in Lebanon.

Lebanese Media

As for the inner games of Lebanon, our daily life surrounds around evening night news, that is getting annoying, as we all want, from both sides is to relax.

I’ll start off with, FutureTV, we all know it is monocolored in black and white for the spokeperson of the Hariri family, which in third person promotes Seniora.

Al-Manar, affiliated with a major political movement as well.

LBC, obviously fond of the Government but does not abandon Aouns’ FPM.

NBN, for the moment is holds the title as being the spokesperson of the ‘Lebanese Opposition’ en-gros. (though it should be said, shame on its reporting of the tires on fire, what a dark day).

OTV? Anyways… it will be another monotone… Not for certain though. OTV will be calling for a session with shareholders.

It all goes down to how Iran and the US will play with Iraq and Lebanon. We’re finally, just another country to bargain with. It happened in 1990; and once more, Lebanon has become a wild card.

The US has some problems internally now, with the Democrats in play, which re-vibrates massively to countries that are labeled in folders such as Lebanon, and it’s effects on future tactics.


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