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Ten Lebanese athletes with march to represent Lebanon at the 2012 London Olympic Games: – Tvin Moumjoghlian (Ping Pong) – Andrea Paoli (Taekwondo) – Katya Bachrouche (Swimming) – Ray Bassil (Shooting) – Ahmad Hazer (Athletics) – Gretta Taslakian (Athletics) – Zain Shaito (Fencing) – Mona Shaito (Fencing) – Caren Chammas (Judo) – Wael Koubrosli (Swimming) To each, I’d like to Thank You for representing an alive and vibrant nation & wish you all the […]

The glowing light was reported at around 8:45 pm. Some are going as far as referring to it as an UFO, others as meteorite showers. Charbel has suggested that it may have been the result of a long range missile which was test fired from Astrakhan region in central Russia at 21:39 Moscow time. Others say these lights were first […]

Having an established and long known vibrant night life (since the 50s). Beyrouth is quickly becoming a center stage of a unique nightlife today. Canadian-born Comedian Peter Russel headed to Lebanon’s clubs & shares his story. Funny or Not, the word got out!

Patrick Semaan crafted this very interesting piece of Infographics describing why Voting may not be a fair competition in the MENA Region. Click the image to get a decent view.

Like every summer, Beirut is claiming its legacy. CNN sent it’s reporter to ask the questions of what makes Beirut a vibrant city.

Some wonder if the U.S. intervention in Iraq in 2003 made things better. With all the stand ups of nations, people throughout the Arab World stood up to their Governments, from Tunis to Bahrain, BBC Radio 4 just released an audio documentary about Lebanon during the current empasse faced in the Arab World. Tune in.

Palestinian organizations, parties and institutions are organizing for a rally to be held on May 15 under the slogan “The right to return to Jerusalem.” “Those to participate in the rally will march toward the Lebanese borders with occupied Palestine,” the correspondent said, adding that rallies for the same cause will be held in other […]

Lebanon’s gold reserve is considered the largest reserve in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and is ranked 15th globally. Lebanon’s gold reserves totaled $9.2 billion at the end of 2009, ranking it in 15th place globally and in first place among 14 countries in MENA, as reported by Lebanon This Week, the […]

Can supporters of Lebanese entrepreneurial youth enter Lebanon? Endeavor – a non-profit that encourages high-impact entrepreneurship in the emerging world– likes to go to countries where people wouldn’t expect a lot of sophisticated high-growth entrepreneurship to be. They are currently in Turkey, Egypt and Jordan. So, Why not yet in Lebanon? Watch the Video: Recorded Sep 13, […]

BeicipFranlab, a French petroleum consulting firm,  signed an agreement with caretaker Energy and Water Minister Jibran Bassil Thursday. The firm is set to prepare a tender in the coming months that would allow companies bid for the right to explore oil and gas off the Lebanese coast. The agreement should set the stage for the eventual state-led […]

Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir will not go unnoticed. In addition to the obvious representation he held, Cardinal Sfeir’s personal commitment accelerated liturgical reforms in the 1980s and 1990s, bearing fruit in 1992 with the publication of a new Maronite Missal. This represents an attempt to return to the original form of the Antiochene Liturgy, removing […]

The recent discoveries of massive gas fields off the coast of northern Israel, tantalizingly close to Lebanese coastal waters, has stirred cash-strapped Lebanon to accelerate efforts to begin its own oil and gas exploration. But the prospect of previously undiscovered fossil fuel riches off the coasts of Lebanon and Israel risks becoming a new source of conflict as well as an […]

Hind Hobeika, 22 ans, ingénieur mécanique, a été sélectionnée grâce à sa surprenante invention : des « goggles » (lunettes de plongée) capables de mesurer la fréquence cardiaque du nageur pour en améliorer la performance. Sélectionnée parmi 7.000 candidats, Hind a réussi toutes les étapes pour se placer parmi les 4 finalistes dont elle est […]

More than eighteen prominent Lebanese organizations spanning across different entrepreneurial support sectors, of which LLWB, joined hands in an unprecedented move to launch Global Entrepreneurship Week Lebanon 2010 (GEW) and will take an active part in it. When: Thursday, November 11, 2010 6 – 8pm Where: Olayan School of Business at the American University of […]

And the title goes to … Ziad Baroud, minister of Interior and Municipalities … applause? This title could be added to Baroud’s collection, but he should perhaps take a closer look at it since it is not as notable as the others. Just like our Lebanese ministers today, Napoleon carried his selfishness so far that […]

October 14 & 15, 2010 from 4:00 to 9:00pm Centre BIEL, Beyrouth The American Embassy in Lebanon and the American-Lebanese Chamber of Commerce are hosting the first annual US-Lebanon ICT Forum on Oct 14-15 at the Centre BIEL in Beyrouth, Lebanon. The event is also being supported by the Union of Arab ICT Associations (IJMA3) […]

The Ministère de l’Environment has published a campaign concerning our precious shores. Bahr Loubnan is an association formed in Lebanon in December 2002 following a report on the dramatic consequences of the pollution of our Earth, and deep reflection on our environment. Take a moment to read an open letter by Former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

The ability to analyse social connections is proving increasingly useful. Where is network analysis headed? The next step beyond mapping influence between individuals is to map the influences between larger segments of society. A forecasting model developed by Venkatramana Subrahmanian of the University of Maryland does just that. Called SOMA Terror Organization Portal, it analyses […]

Parliament had met on Tuesday to debate a proposal presented by Democratic Gathering MPs Walid Jumblatt, Elie Aoun and Alaaeddine Terro that sought to ease labor, social security and property laws not granted to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. Christian parties, collectively, feared “rushing” the amendments through would lead to the naturalization of Palestinians. I was […]

Real estate transactions in Lebanon in the 1st quarter of 2010 jumped by 41 percent to reach 22,059 transactions, a record high compared to previous years, reaching a little more than $2 billion, according to figures released by the Directorate of Real Estate. Lebanon’s property sector flourished in the first quarter of 2010, benefiting from […]

Beyrouth témoignera le vendredi 16 avril 2010 du plus grand échange économique record fait entre le Liban et le Brésil, lors d’un événement d’une journée de jumelage, qui se tiendra à l’hôtel Habtoor-Beyrouth. Dirigée par le ministre brésilien du Développement, de l’Industrie et du Commerce extérieur, Miguel Jorge, la mission commerciale comprendra près de 70 […]

Al Jazeera English, one of the most respected 24-hour English-language news and current affairs TV channel, released a documentary on Lebanon’s absence of a common recent-history book, and the social clash of identity among Lebanese. Why do some label Lebanese, as Arabs? What is the meaning of being Arab? What Arabs share in common? What do they agree […]

A smoking ban in public places is expected to take effect within a year, George Saadeh, head of the National Tobacco Control Program announced at a debate on tobacco control held at American University Beirut (AUB) Tuesday. “There is at present a bitter political discussion raging about when the ban should become law,” Saadeh said. […]

I just layed my hands on the most beautiful 9.7 inch object. It’s a little heavy, but the fact of having such large screen to command the iPad with your fingers is an amazing feeling. The device gets a little heavy after holding it straight up a while, I strongly doubt holding the iPad for […]

Lebanon and Palestine won’t share a border. Though if you look at a map, you see Lebanon & Israel, roughly the same size sharing a thin border. Here is one Israeli Arab’s protest who appeared on Israeli TV protesting the last Gaza war. Watch this. I was born here” said the Arab Israeli while being walked […]

Telecoms Minister Charbel Nahas announced Saturday that fiber optics will be launched in the coming weeks in Lebanon which will provide subscribers with easy access to international calls as well as an increase in Internet speeds to all subscribers by 10 to 20 percent. Fiber-optic communication is a method of transmitting information from one place […]

While keeping a close watch on Lebanon’s Real Estate, the number of real-estate sales operations in Lebanon in the first five months of 2008, rose by 19.4 percent (1/5th) compared to the same period of 2007. Today there is a new hype in Lebanon.

Lebanon is a relatively narrow coastal country with a severe circulation-congestion problem and an inefficient public transport system. An excessive use of cars in a country where road structures are neither planned nor controlled has lead cars to take possession of external spaces. This is where elhub comes in. The idea to decongest the highway […]


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