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The Economist summarizes that “business people from Lebanon fare better abroad than at home.” Listen to the full article. Link to the full article.

The new 2012 list of the Worlds most powerful Arabs reveals 85 names that originate from Lebanon, with Saudi Arabia contributing 67 and Egypt and the UAE 58 names each. Many US based Arabs are originally Lebanese, according to the magazine. Click here for the new List. What we have published today is the most comprehensive guide of […]

Katya Bachrouche, a Lebanese swimmer has assured a spot at the next Olympic Games in London after setting a new record in the 400-meter freestyle event for Lebanon, a first in the country’s history. Bachrouche, a member of the Jazira swimming club, qualifies to take part at the 2011 London Olympics after coming seventh in the […]

Le Libanais Saad Chéhab a été nommé chief executive officer (CEO) des marques Lancia/Chrysler. Un communiqué récemment publié par Fiat a indiqué que M. Chéhab fera partie du conseil exécutif du groupe (GEC) – la plus haute instance de décision de la compagnie après le conseil d’administration. Cette réorganisation intervient après la reprise de Chrysler par Fiat en 2009 ; la compagnie italienne détient aujourd’hui la […]

The Orthodox Gathering rejected the marginalization of the Christian Orthodox sect in Lebanon, Tuesday, pledging to work on restoring its role. Former MP Salim Habib, the Gathering’s secretary-general, said that the group’s action plan was to restore “what was stolen and what we allowed to be stolen from us.” Speaking during an expanded meeting for […]

The Developer Day aims to draw engineers, the foundation of the web industry, from across the region, and address their technical concerns. It will feature programming case studies, tutorials, and presentations led by engineers at global platforms and regional development houses as well as allow developers to demonstrate their skills in exciting competitions. Participants will […]

Par Jean-Baptiste MAROT Première web-série du monde arabe, “Shankaboot” raconte la vie quotidienne d’un jeune livreur beyrouthin nommé Sleimane. Accessible sur le Net depuis le 12 mars, le feuilleton entend concurrencer les productions turques et américaines. D’Alger à Damas, elle sera peut-être le buzz de demain sur Internet. Testée discrètement depuis le 12 mars, “Shankaboot“, la […]

Recently, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has been taking his empowering position too seriously. He began pushing his ideas on Lebanon’s identity to be one with Syria, openly echoing Syrian extreemists that Lebanon and Syria have one people split in two countries. Some call it blasphemy, even treason to most Lebanese ears. While the circle has hardly […]

Almost one year ago today, the InnerCircle launched a voting poll, questioning who you found as the most Effective Lebanese in 2008. The word effective here insinuates* the one whom had the most influence and impact* – in your opinion – on the country’s political, economical, sociological and internal affairs. We even gave the option of adding a persons’ […]

I’m a fervent fan of Family Guy (watch all episodes), to my shock many in Lebanon are still not aware of such humour. This comes a bit late for an introduction with Season 8. Relations between Catholicism and Judaism Continuing tensions in the Middle East impacts on the relations between Jews and Catholics in the […]

Astrophysical scientist at Princeton University and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Edgar Choueiri’s research has developed plans for spaceships to fly to Mars on plasma fuel. In an interview with the daily pan-Arab al-Hayat on Tuesday, Choueiri said: “Space ships that traveled to Mars in the mid 1960’s only worked on photographing the […]

The subject matter is something we hold dear, and makes a great addition to our circle ethics archive.

Lebanese director Fouad Khoury took a bold step while producing Shula Cohen; A film of a Jewish Lebanese lady living in Wadi Abu Jmil, the area that gathers a big community of Jews in Beyrouth. In her late thirties, she was a total beauty, with great intelligence; and called: “The Pearl”. With her wide relationships […]

Prior to our post concerning the Canadian embassy making lives of Lebanese easier, this news propped up. As of March 31, Lebanese nationals applying to immigrate to Canada may select the visa office in Beyrouth, Lebanon, as their main point of service, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced today. “This change follows up […]

Lebanese are not allowed to vote from abroad. The memo. The Administration and Justice Parliamentary committee on Monday urged Lebanese citizens living abroad to register with the respective Lebanese embassies so that their names would be included in the voters’ lists for the 2009 elections. Committee Chairman Robert Ghanem told reporters Lebanese diplomatic missions would […]

Hows that for a title? Israel, the Jewish state, since 1948 – has caused much help and damage to it’s neighbor to the north, Lebanon. Historically, it has been said, that Israeli Jews, and Lebanese Christians, have had des ententes, viewing it as a survival of existence “in a world of raging Islam”, as has […]

Changed address – Please update:✌-expat-jobs Since Gilbert Younis’s Job Posts are receiving tremendous success, we have decided to create his own page, and would provide a Service to receive updated feeds though RSS concerning new jobs, just like our innercircle main blog. To each, The Lebanese Inner Cirlce would like to Thank you for […]

Y-Chromosomes are that part of an individual’s DNA which reflects the male lineage, passed unchanged from father to son. As such, it compromises a significant part of any nation’s DNA. By analyzing the origin of Y Chromosomes, it becomes possible to determine the origin of the male side of a sample group. full study [published […]

St. FuckYou hosts a new blog on Lebanese socio-political life, he’s even funny too! (when he’s not mad). Though St Fakoo’s new on the scene, he’s certainly made his presence on the blogosphere and hence the inner circle strongly encourages his predicament and attitude. As more I read his/her/its’ blog, the more I see the […]

Not electing a president today is unlawful, unjust and unfair. we’ve been dragged and exhausted.   Kalam el Nas’ insightful and amusing political show last night as discussion kept on brewing, leaked two names, out of 5 from the Original 7 then , down to 2 by removing each camps candidate, Michel Aoun from the […]

its about time. This is the first time the inner circle posts on the presidential elections. Due to reservations I hold, my first initial opening would be a public appeal for every citizen, Lebanese, throughout the world, stand for a minute of silence, to spread his reflection on himself as a unit in society, and […]

The inner circle has learned that a strategy has been set by ‘several‘ international observers, which was confirmed by the Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri and MP Amin Gemayel and have coordinated amoung each others the steps to be taken for the presidencial ‘debate’ which starts on Tuesday, September the 25th, 2007. The scenario will […]

While politics will still roam Lebanese go clubbers‘ chit-chat, the tone will be somewhat careless. Deep down, what is really happening in Lebanon’s political turmoil will mean little to the summer that will kick in socially. Last year, the lively to almost embarrassing image of Lebanese clubbing and partying during the summer war was impossible […]

The Cabinet’s decision to no longer acknowledge Good Friday as an official national holiday poses great threat to a major identity among Lebanese diversity. Good Friday is “a central day in Christian culture“, said Archbishop Bishara Raii. This blogger assumes Lebanese as one of the initial founders of Christianity and it’s traditional rituals that was […]

I’d like to use a country like Iraq as a model nation to look at, in the third person. Iraqi media kept on saying for six months that Iraq was on ‘the Brink‘ of civil war, all the while insurgents blowing themselves up in measurable number, the Iraqi media stated that it was still on […]

The year, 2005. Remember 2005? That’s about two years. Is anyone aware of the last two years? From Rafiq al-Hariris’ broad daylight assassination, to Aoun and Geagea back into the political scene, An official Syrian military withdrawal, The declared and open murder of several political figures, Hezbollah ignites and responds to a full pledged war with […]


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