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Lebanese Enterpreneur Wissam Abdel Baki created Perk My City to help Lebanese local citizens report, view, or discuss the disorder in the streets of their city (currently only in Beyrouth). Violations such as abandoned vehicles, graffiti, litter, potholes, road blocks, sidewalk defects and any violation considered disgraceful to the city’s image. To report a violation, the Lebanese […]

Like every summer, Beirut is claiming its legacy. CNN sent it’s reporter to ask the questions of what makes Beirut a vibrant city.

To cope with the Lebanese flying into Beyrouth this Christmas, Air France is offering well priced tickets for Lebanese going the other direction: Montréal, New York and Toronto (as well as Boston, and other cities in North America). The offer is listed below to the privileged. Tarifs aller-retour en USD hors taxes et frai de service. […]

Tourists and locals strolling through Nijmeh Square in Beyrouth’s Centre-Ville on Thursday afternoon were intrigued by an astonishing spectacle: a formation of flag-bearers, drummers and trumpeters dressed in medieval costumes performing an elaborate show for half an hour before leaving the square as suddenly as they had appeared. The bystanders had been lucky enough to […]

Franklin Lamb, Beyrouth – In Washington and Beyrouth the response to Lebanon’s legitimization of Hezbollah’s arms was publicly subdued. The US Embassy, for the second year in a row, mistakenly sent Eid al Fitr greetings to Lebanon’s President Michel Suleiman, whereas this week’s holiday, which commemorates the annual Hajj Pilgrimage and the 1,400 year old […]

Dom Joly for the Sunday Times explains – Beyrouth (Beirut) may be the number-one place to visit in the whole world, but the rest of the country is now our top tip for a cool holiday. I can remember mist, spooky clouds of swirling mist, lapping around us. We were all perched up high on a […]

D’excellentes nouvelles pour les expatriés libanais dans la belle île de Montréal, Québec et le Canada en génerale. Depuis hier, des vols directs entre Beyrouth et Montréal seront disponibles.  – Great news for Lebanese expats in beautiful & freindly Montréal. As of yesterday, direct flight to and from Beyrouth to Montreal are available. In the words of […]

Renovation of the dilapid­ated synagogue in Beyrouth’s Centre-Ville began on the weekend after ayears-long delay, according to the Lebanese Jewish Community Council. Beirut’s oldest and last remaining synagogue Maghen Abraham in Wadi Abou Jamil, damaged by Israeli shelling during Israel’s 1982 invasion, is finally undergoing much-needed restoration after suffering several set-backs. The damage meant the […]

I was thrilled when U.S. President Barak Obama appointed Senator Joseph Biden as his running mate last year.  Yesterday, he stood in Beyrouth, along side our president exchanging hugs and wishes. It is the first such high U.S. profile to visit Beyrouth since 1983. VICE PRESIDENT BIDEN: President — President Suleiman, thank you very much […]

Nando, a brazilian photographer, receives an arabic letter revealing that he has an inheritance in Lebanon. The pilot of Flying Kebab shows the life of someone who is about to make the trip of his life, exploring the culture, people, food and his inheritance in the Middle East. This clip above is the pilot. I […]

Prior to our post concerning the Canadian embassy making lives of Lebanese easier, this news propped up. As of March 31, Lebanese nationals applying to immigrate to Canada may select the visa office in Beyrouth, Lebanon, as their main point of service, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney announced today. “This change follows up […]

A venture capitalist thinks it can. One of the founders at the innercircle has tipped us with an intriguing idea of establishing a Media City in Lebanon.  Hervé Cuviliez, an entrepreneur and business angel at Kuv Capital is studying the idea that may well blossom given Lebanon’s unique trend setting influence for the Middle East […]

Google representatives Mohammad Gawdat, center, Google’s managing director for emerging Europe, Middle East and Africa, speaks in an interview with The Associated Press, as Gisel Hiscock, left, Google’s director New Biz development for Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Ahmad S. Hamzawi, right, Google’s engineering manager in Middle East and North Africa, look on at […]

Our Minister of Culture announced on Monday that an Italian architect, Alberto Catalano, has won the bid to design Beyrouth’s Arts and Culture House to be located in downtown Beyrouth. “The idea of the Culture House in Beyrouth’s Centre-Ville is an old dream,” Tamam Salam said during his press conference at Forum de Beyrouth. He described the […]

The New York Times set out to find the top 44 places to visit in 2009. The first on the list was our beloved Beirut (Beyrouth); And if you agree with the New York Times, having visited several places yourself, contribute and recommend Beirut as well. It appears under Luxury, Foods, and Party categories, and […]

 O Canada! To almost every Lebanese, knows a Lebanese-Canadian or expatriate living in Canada, and boy do good news come out of that friendly nation. Well, today the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, announced that the Department is enhancing the services offered by its visa office in Beirut (Beyrouth), Lebanon. Effective immediately, permanent resident […]

A new fast-food eatery opened in Beyrouth’s southern suburbs (Dahyeh) named ‘Buns & Guns‘. The entrance welcomes you in neatly stacked sand bags. The inside is festooned with camouflage nets, defused mortar shells and live ammunition. Employees in military uniforms serve meals and the cooks wear military helmets. Customers enter the restaurant under a sign bearing the […]

They may not necessarily be Lebanese, but this inside scoop goes to show the high-class ‘entertainers‘ in Lebanon tend to be diverse and wild. Rated PG-13.   You can get a glimpse of Lebanons’ underground clubs with a tour of B018, here;  Or the more casual scene of a regular Summer day, but certainly not […]

Architect Bernard Khoury gives a tour of Lebanon’s darkest underground club. B018, known for Beyrouthi insomniacs, Bernard explains his concept behind the structure.  umm, no, nope, nobody is on speed, it’s just fast forwarded…

While politics will still roam Lebanese go clubbers‘ chit-chat, the tone will be somewhat careless. Deep down, what is really happening in Lebanon’s political turmoil will mean little to the summer that will kick in socially. Last year, the lively to almost embarrassing image of Lebanese clubbing and partying during the summer war was impossible […]


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