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This must be surprising to the rest of world. How courageous and astonishing the rate of evolution Americans have surpassed. America is founded by emigrants, lest we forget the massacres they have done by the hatchet to gain the lands of the new world. Regardless of ones skin color, religion, and background, Americans have gone […]

Don’t Vote!


You gotta love Americans, the worlds masters of entertainment, Americans are encouraging ‘America’ to Choose. As a foreigner, you ought to be awed. At least they teach people what to do. 

The San Francisco LoveFest, named after the similar one of Berlin, occurs every year in San Francisco, California. Lebanese have had their share of raves, but I’m not too sure of this kind of magnitude, or social norm (?). You can truly feel the love flowing among the people of San Francisco, home to the […]

The Lebanese inner circle would like to endorse an odd but very necessary blog I stumbled upon. I’ve read well into his blog, and I wasn’t sure if he was jocking. Truly, he has seen through the differences of Yin and Yan, and realising that white people wouldn’t know what they were if it weren’t […]

For those who live in Lebanon, meet the ‘new’ image of America that excels in what Americans excel in Most. Entertainment! The witty rascal, Stephen Colbert knows well where to nail it. The show has been going on for a while now. I figure introducing him through his appearance on the David Letterman show. To […]


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