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The Economist summarizes that “business people from Lebanon fare better abroad than at home.” Listen to the full article. Link to the full article.

The new 2012 list of the Worlds most powerful Arabs reveals 85 names that originate from Lebanon, with Saudi Arabia contributing 67 and Egypt and the UAE 58 names each. Many US based Arabs are originally Lebanese, according to the magazine. Click here for the new List. What we have published today is the most comprehensive guide of […]

The glowing light was reported at around 8:45 pm. Some are going as far as referring to it as an UFO, others as meteorite showers. Charbel has suggested that it may have been the result of a long range missile which was test fired from Astrakhan region in central Russia at 21:39 Moscow time. Others say these lights were first […]

Adam Curtis, one of my favorite documentarian, known for many documentaries throughout the decade, among them The Century of the Self, The Power of Nightmares, and last year released the fascinating documentary called “All Watched over by Machines of Loving Grace”. Don’t under estimate the content of this documentary, I have at least watched it five times, and […]

La dixième élection présidentielle de la Ve République, neuvième élection au suffrage universel direct, doit permettre d’élire le président de la République française pour un mandat de cinq ans. Elle se tiendra les 22 avril et 6 mai 2012. Pour les milliers de Francais d’origine Libanaise, qui sont admissible de voter a ses elections, sont presenter avec plusieurs candidats au présidentielles. Aujourd’hui nous présentons un entretiens avec, Ministre de l’Éducation nationale sous trois gouvernements […]

One of the most intellectual Lebanese think thanks on Middle Eastern politics and Lebanese affairs, former Minister of Culture Dr. Ghassan Salemeh agreed to an interview with MTV’s Walid Abdo. You can find the video interview here: Insightful as always.

Joyeux Noël


On behalf of the authors, we would like to wish the circle and every single Lebanese a Merry Christmas and may this festive season bring abundant joy and happiness in your life and to our country collectively. Regardless where you reside, Merry Christmas!

After leading the tally for weeks, Julian Assange has come out on top in Time magazine’s online poll asking readers who should be 2010’s “Person of the Year.” Out of a total 1,249,425 votes, Assange won 382,020, more than twice as many votes as the second place winner, Recep Tayyip Ergodan, prime minister of Turkey. […]

The Innercircle just added a new documentary to it’s School of Thought. The documenary entitled ‘The War on Democracy‘ by John Pilger shows how the US pushes democracy on other countries in Latin America. The documentary goes hand in hand with another documentary we’ve listed under Politics & World Affairs, “The Revolution will not be […]

Full text of the message of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution to the Muslim world in the wake of the unequivocally detestable act of desecrating the Holy Quran and plans to burn copies of it in the USA. In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. “Surely We have revealed the Reminder, and […]

The European Union was not present at the initial round of direct talks between the Israelis and Palestinian Authority in Washington and was again excluded from the current gathering at Sharm el Sheikh. This is not the first time that EU involvement in the peace process has been stalled, a situation that is untenable for […]

Pour réduire les embouteillages sur les routes, la Chine s’apprête à tester un nouveau type de transport en commun : le “bus volant”. Installé sur des rails, le véhicule permettrait aux voitures de passer sous lui.

Say what you will about the tenets of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s politics, but at least he has a sense for the theatrical. Iran’s president said Monday that he would like to hold a meeting with President Obama when he visits New York in September for all the world to see. I will be ready for talks, […]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have a crisis on his hands before he visits Washington on Tuesday: Turkey, long one of Israel’s closest allies in the Muslim world, has said it will cut ties with the Jewish state unless it apologizes for the May 31 flotilla raid that killed nine Turkish activists. Turkey will […]

Israel’s deadly response to the Gaza-bound flotilla showed how differently the U.S. treats Israel and Iran. Stephen Kinzer argues it’s time to treat them in the same way. Quick, name the rogue state in the Middle East. Hints: It has an active nuclear-weapons program but conducts it in secret; its security organs regularly kill perceived […]

The Rafik B. Hariri Building is named in memory of the late two-time prime minister of Lebanon, noted philanthropist, and ardent advocate of education, through a gift from his son, Saad Hariri, the newly designated prime minister of Lebanon and a 1992 alumnus of the McDonough School of Business. “This facility will provide a world […]

(Reuters) – The Obama administration is looking for ways to build up “moderate elements” within the Lebanese Hezbollah guerrilla movement and to diminish the influence of hard-liners. John Brennan, assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism, met with Lebanese leaders during a recent visit. Hezbollah is a very interesting organization,” Brennan told a […]

Marcel Ghanem’s Kalam el Nass traveled all the way accross the globe to shed light on the bright Lebanese Expatriates residing in Australia. Promoting strengthened bonds between the peoples of Australia and Lebanon and the advancement of the Australian Lebanese community, a flagrant and affluent dinner was held by the Lebanese Australian Foundation, and Marie Roslyn […]

By Ailsa Burns as written in the New Matilda Why exactly does Australia traditionally support Israel, despite that country’s continued defiance of UN resolutions? Ailsa Burns looks at some possible explanations In the wake of the recent Dubai assassination scandal, Australia has abstained from a vote on human rights abuses during Israel’s attack on Gaza, […]

On behalf of the authors, we would like to wish the circle a merry Christmas and may this festive season bring abundant joy and happiness in your life. I invite you to share your Christmas stories at Exotica’s My Different Christmas. courtesy of BeirutNightLife.

DOW JONES Newswire – Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services raised Lebanon’s sovereign-credit ratings and gave them a positive outlook because of banking resilience and the expectation of political stability in the medium term. Lebanon benefits from a large and stable depositor base, as well as financial support from wealthy Arab states and Lebanese expatriates, but the […]

Dom Joly for the Sunday Times explains – Beyrouth (Beirut) may be the number-one place to visit in the whole world, but the rest of the country is now our top tip for a cool holiday. I can remember mist, spooky clouds of swirling mist, lapping around us. We were all perched up high on a […]

La Télé Liban lance un nouveau programme télévisé culturel intitulé « Beyrouth Capitale Mondiale du Livre ». Ce programme, portera sur toutes les activités culturelles de « Beyrouth Capitale Mondiale du Livre 2009 » et sera diffusé chaque lundi à 21h et ce jusqu’en Avril 2010.

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It makes you wonder why U.S. President Barak Obama was granted the Nobel Peace prize nine months into his presidency. Today in news, Turkey and Armenia signed a historic agreement to establish normal diplomatic relations and reopen their borders on Saturday, after a last-minute dispute over wording sent Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and […]

A teacher experiments the effects of segregation and racism on third graders. & part 4

General Manager of Comtrax Solutions Jihad Bitar raised the alarm concerning an article published in Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal on a potential deal between Walid Ben Talal and Murdoch himself; and I quote… The Wall Street Journal reported today that Rupert Murdoch – the Australian media mogul (owner amongst other things of the Fox channels […]

More secrets emerged today about the Bush administration. Former Vice President Dick Cheney ordered the concealment of a secret CIA counterterrororism program for eight years, the New York Times reported, though the scope of the program is unknown. CIA Director Leon Panetta told the Senate and House intelligence committees that he ended the program when […]


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