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Here are what some bloggers are writing about StopLira: English: Brian, Lilianne, Najib, Khodr, Joseph, Mustapha Arabic: Imad,  Tony French: Hala

We’ve added a new Technology section on the Inner Circle School of Thought. The reason, was the result of a historical review of the Story of the Internet from the Silicon Valley technologists and investors own words. This is a 4 part documentary, 45-minutes each. enjoy. Click here to watch it now.

Are you aged between 24 and 35? Do you fancy the Stephen Colbert’s persona? Are you a fan of the absurdity of the Onion News Network, or the humour of Family Guy? Got a Beyrouthi accent? Can speak French & English? As long as you’re Lebanese, with the characteristics above, and is genuinely able to […]

A group of people talking about the Coexistence in Tyr. To view more Al Nahar TV, subscribe to their YouTube page. Song: Ysa3ed Y3een - Ziad el Rahbani

Al Jazeera English has just published a long awaited documentary entitled the “Family Business”, describing the historical, deeply rooted, Lebanese family of the Gemayels. This four part documentary starts with the one below. part two    |    part three    |    part four

Nothing inspires me to put this among this circle than a deep conviction of a well worth viral.

Qifa Nabki, an authoritative blog in my opinion on Lebanese politics, briefed on the news surrounding the Elections this week, I felt compelled to share this with the circle. Video Transcript:

After a few spins from certain media, I felt compelled remind those medias and Israelis of the “33 Day War”. …and if you don’t understand, go learn French.

To most Lebanese-Canadians and surely those residing in Québec know of the hilarious  Têtes à claques animation sitcom. This clip was sporadically spread throughout the Lebanese community in Canada. I should note the dialect has the Québecois accent which ought to take a few seconds for you to catch up, and understand. Feel free to check […]

The San Francisco LoveFest, named after the similar one of Berlin, occurs every year in San Francisco, California. Lebanese have had their share of raves, but I’m not too sure of this kind of magnitude, or social norm (?). You can truly feel the love flowing among the people of San Francisco, home to the […]



We in the rest of the world, put spaces after our commas. I don’t know about you, I’ve certainly seen people count differently, but in most I’ve seen in Lebanon count the first way.

Soundtrack: Goran Bregovic – Fanfare Ciocãrlia (Asfalt Tango)

Government & Politics The economy is flourishing, we have a president after 18 months of stalemate, we just got a cabinet in parliamwent, and the government is able to do its job now, so it can leave us, the people, alone. Tourism As this blog always mentioned, we were always fine, it was the politicians […]

This commercial just kills me.

They may not necessarily be Lebanese, but this inside scoop goes to show the high-class ‘entertainers‘ in Lebanon tend to be diverse and wild. Rated PG-13.   You can get a glimpse of Lebanons’ underground clubs with a tour of B018, here;  Or the more casual scene of a regular Summer day, but certainly not […]

I hope the title raised an eye-brow. Here you’ll find a response by Sayyed Nasrallah, on such accusations. the chaps’ got a sense of humour

I strongly encourage my readers to watch this movie – Network (1976). imdb

certainly an unofficial campaign.

This is an Ad campaign, against all politikal ad campaigns. Nifty. At the end of the day, ti’s not the general public thats at fault. I feel it’s the politicians, and their goons. maybe me and you people.

If there is anything that mirrors our society so clearly, would be this fuzzy, old movie. If you’ve got three hours to burn and want to thwart off local news. You’ll understand me perfectly when you rethink Lebanese society while watching this.

May 2, 2008 – Ferry Corsten @ BIEL, Beyrouth This will give us all something to reflect on about yesterday. Well… I feel things are starting to repeat themselves, so I suggest re-reading old posts. You Are The Victim.

A Khalass! spot Ad. Here’s a mirror of our society. Each one of us is to blame.

The internet came along way while Lebanon still lacks mainstream broadband (fast) internet. Consider it your lucky day, cause the term RSS (Feed) will be a common word you’ll encounter. RSS is good. What it does is, it keeps you posted on all up to date news that interests you in a synchronous form without […]

The frown on my face after reading the decision on banning the franco-iranian Persepolis animation which won the prix du jury ex-aequo at Cannes 2007. Lebanese officials say they’ve banned the movie, which is based on the autobiographical graphic novel by co-director Marjane Satrapi The Beirut Spring and Beirut Beltway were the first to take […]

I have no idea what to make of Norman Finkelsteins’ views, taking into consideration he is Jewish, with your typical New Yorkey accent.


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