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On July 14 2006, the Israeli air force bombed the power plant at al-Jiyeh, a small seaside town in southern Lebanon. They bombed it again the next day. Up to 30,000 tonnes of fuel oil were spilled into the Mediterranean sea. The bombing raids were part of the one month war that Israel and the […]

Please let me be frank and release some fumes through this post. Lebanon topped todays news in most western countries. Once again, the barbaric decadence of Lebanese shown on TV confuses most here in the west, as to whether they were Palestinians, Iraqis, Lebanese, or what have you. The worst part of all this, is […]

France 24 covers: Une vingtaine de blessés dans des affrontements (video) Sunnies against Shiites – You want war? The words echoed throughout the Arab world, where already sunni-shiite sensitivities are rising. Late Saturday night, in the heart of centre-ville; 20 god-knows-who started shooting at each other. The media claims they were members (don’t know what […]

An unknown murderer, who’s been sweeping Lebanon since Feb 14, 2004; has struck again. I’d like to bundle all the killings and public murdering of a professional hit man (or group – no idea) will get in the way of Lebanese dividing and confronting the other. Reality is, the rascals are the minority people, and […]

LBCI has stated that three people have been killed in a blast that took place between Dora and Quarantina. A GMC truck belonging to the American Embassy (with no licence plate) has been the target of the assassination.If the March 14 reflex points the finger at Syria, this would be a great releif, that the […]

At 6:58 am, a bomb exploded in Baabda, a town known to be heavily secured by the Lebanese National Army. Two people were found dead. Minutes after the explosion, the media stated that Brigadier General Francois el-Hajj and Khairallah Hadwan (Al Hajj’s bodyguard) have been the target of this assassination. Al-Hajj took a lead role […]

A Muslim woman is allowed to fight back in self-defense if she is hit by her husband, Lebanon’s top Shiite cleric declared Tuesday in a ruling rare for the region’s male-dominated Islamic society. – AFP Elsewhere, Annapolis claimed to be slightly more of what this blogger envisioned for Palestinians, but Lebanon’s major problem in the […]

In Lebanon, the Christian community is by far the most anxiously saddened community in need of a President. The army handling the situation on the streets do give some sort of comfort, while the government ought to decide with Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir on a new President. This blogger feels, that any coming President, is […]

Antoine Ghanem got back just two days ago from the UAE. A booby trapped Mercedes was exploded in the Sin el Fil residential area today, seven people dead in total and 20 wounded. Walid Jumblat was the first to say it was Antoine Ghanem that was at the scene (source: Al Jazeera International). The March […]

The biggest trick society was able to pull, was to make us feel we Lebanese, are not alike. Now you know. I, from my standpoint, state; that the biggest conspiracy of conspiracies in which Lebanese so passionately adore, was the highest bid in foreign nations to somewhat show us, that we, Christians, Druze, Muslims and […]

The Cabinet’s decision to no longer acknowledge Good Friday as an official national holiday poses great threat to a major identity among Lebanese diversity. Good Friday is “a central day in Christian culture“, said Archbishop Bishara Raii. This blogger assumes Lebanese as one of the initial founders of Christianity and it’s traditional rituals that was […]

The famous international tribunal is over (June 10) and in the hands of a foreign country willing to host it; meanwhile the summer kicks in! Well, not quite… I’d hate to be a bummer, but have you asked about this summers’ clean beaches? Last summers’ war between Israel and Hezbollah was devastating; On 13 July […]

The Lebanese Prime Minister, Fouad Siniora, vowed to “uproot” terrorism from Lebanon in his address to the nation, blaming the Fatah al-Islam militants for using the Palestinian refugees. Renewed fighting has also taken place between the militants and the as hostages in their goal of destabilizing Lebanon.

I’d like to use a country like Iraq as a model nation to look at, in the third person. Iraqi media kept on saying for six months that Iraq was on ‘the Brink‘ of civil war, all the while insurgents blowing themselves up in measurable number, the Iraqi media stated that it was still on […]

The year, 2005. Remember 2005? That’s about two years. Is anyone aware of the last two years? From Rafiq al-Hariris’ broad daylight assassination, to Aoun and Geagea back into the political scene, An official Syrian military withdrawal, The declared and open murder of several political figures, Hezbollah ignites and responds to a full pledged war with […]


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