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It came sous forme of an RSS feed, the title: “STL Indicts 4 Hezbollah Members, Seeks Arrests“. …then I whispered to myself: “they better have rock f****ing solid proof to make that claim“, for everybody that follows, knew that they were going to ‘blame it’ on a Lebanese group. Whats worse, that group of Lebanese, all […]

The caves of Jeita’s grotto became closer this week to becoming one of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It is a historical moment that a Lebanese natural site is competing with the most important natural beauty locations in the world like the Grand Canyon and the Amazon Forest. – Coordinator of the […]

« Partir Revenir », tel est le thème de la cérémonie d’ouverture des VIe jeux de la francophonie. Le spectacle rend hommage au Liban, à son histoire et à sa culture ; il mobilise 200 musiciens, 100 danseurs, 60 chanteurs… En vedette : la Libanaise Magida el-Roumi et le Sénégalais Youssou N’Dour, accompagnés par Gabriel Yared et […]

A new Lebanese Academy entitled “Académie des Sciences du Liban” will be established in Lebanon.  The foundation of the ASL was shepherded by the French Academy of Sciences, which also hosted the first meeting of the ASL in Paris on June 27, 2008. The first meeting of the ASL’s Executive Committee was held in Beyrouth, Lebanon […]

The New York Times set out to find the top 44 places to visit in 2009. The first on the list was our beloved Beirut (Beyrouth); And if you agree with the New York Times, having visited several places yourself, contribute and recommend Beirut as well. It appears under Luxury, Foods, and Party categories, and […]

France24 La Syrie et le Liban ont établi des relations diplomatiques mercredi pour la première fois depuis la proclamation de leur indépendance il y a plus de 60 ans, un premier pas vers la normalisation de leurs rapports marqués par une longue tutelle syrienne sur son petit voisin. Le ministre syrien des Affaires étrangères Walid […]

Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor at the American University of Beirut (AUB) Daniel Asmar and the team of Elie Maalouf, Amin Kanafani, Ahmed Hammoud, and Rawad el-Jurdi, took almost nine months of dedicated work to build the “Apollo’s Chariot,” the first Solar powered vehicle in the Arab World (not the Middle East, Israel is leaps ahead). The steel-and-fiberglass, […]

… and a blessing from here. The Lebanese community in Qatar saluted on Wednesday efforts exerted by Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifah al-Thani and Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem bin Jabr al-Thani to solve the 18-month-old deadlock in Lebanon.

Y e e h a a !! Across the internet, excellent news today. My first rss feed came from an odd title @ Blogging Beirut in our day. You all know what I’m talking about, our elected leaders finally came to an agreement in Qatar. The Lebanese are used to their leaders — sectarian warlords, corrupt […]

The sectarian violence in Iraq and the social anatomy of Lebanon forces people to talk in terms of sects. It is our long buried, new standard of labeling ourselves. On March 8 and on March 14, 2005; We all proved openly to the world that we can be democratic and resolve disagreements peacefully rather than […]

Yesterday, Beyrouth fell to the Opposition, and then given back to the Army to restore the peace. Today, several villages in the district of Aley, including Aaytat and Baysur, fell to the Druze opposition leader, Talal Arslan. Walid Jumblatt, a member of the ruling coalition, and leader of the country’s Druze community, urged Talal Arslan, […]

    Well, as predicted, the government backed down on its decision of ruling out the removal of head chief of security at the International Airport, and gave the decision up to the Lebanese National Army to decide on Hezbollahs’ underground communications network, if it benefits the Lebanese people, and whether it truly secures the Lebanese […]

Today morning, the western hemisphere woke up to the news of West Beyrouth being taken over (we’re all Lebanese anyway), by the opposition. Sayyed Nasrallah’s words still echo in my ear… Our Weapons, are not for internal use… will not be used for internal use … Though, I have to admit, he has been patient; […]

Please let me be frank and release some fumes through this post. Lebanon topped todays news in most western countries. Once again, the barbaric decadence of Lebanese shown on TV confuses most here in the west, as to whether they were Palestinians, Iraqis, Lebanese, or what have you. The worst part of all this, is […]

France 24 covers: Une vingtaine de blessés dans des affrontements (video) Sunnies against Shiites – You want war? The words echoed throughout the Arab world, where already sunni-shiite sensitivities are rising. Late Saturday night, in the heart of centre-ville; 20 god-knows-who started shooting at each other. The media claims they were members (don’t know what […]

I was astonished to see from all across the world on TV – my fellow Lebanese, all of them standing for a cause, or several. There was a huge amount of people at the demonstration today as much as my screen was able to show me. Which demonstration? The one running on All Lebanese stations. […]

Lets hope today will unify Lebanese rather than divide us.Hezbollah is out to Blame Israel, and the March 14 are out to Blame Syria. Its making wonderful headlines in my mind. 

My thoughts as the speech played: {watch the time} 0:10 – ‘yeaah I’m the man‘ 0:22 – ? 0:39 – ? why would he mention that? m’kay.. . 0:49 – yes, I too would act if there is a problem facing me. 0:53 – we just had a fire a few months ago? [against who […]

At 6:58 am, a bomb exploded in Baabda, a town known to be heavily secured by the Lebanese National Army. Two people were found dead. Minutes after the explosion, the media stated that Brigadier General Francois el-Hajj and Khairallah Hadwan (Al Hajj’s bodyguard) have been the target of this assassination. Al-Hajj took a lead role […]

In Lebanon, the Christian community is by far the most anxiously saddened community in need of a President. The army handling the situation on the streets do give some sort of comfort, while the government ought to decide with Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir on a new President. This blogger feels, that any coming President, is […]

After the celebrative walk down of ex-pro-Syrian President Emile Lahoud came to an end. He left behind him no successor; Preventing from handing out the government to Prime Minister Fouad Seniora, the ex-president gave charge the Lebanese National Army to hold the nation together for the next 7 days left. Updates: 12:00 – No Christian […]

Not electing a president today is unlawful, unjust and unfair. we’ve been dragged and exhausted.   Kalam el Nas’ insightful and amusing political show last night as discussion kept on brewing, leaked two names, out of 5 from the Original 7 then , down to 2 by removing each camps candidate, Michel Aoun from the […]

Discussions between the Opposition and the Government is still going strong. This observer feels ongoing collaboration will truly be very helpful on the long term, regardless of the final decision on a candidate’s name this Friday. With the last crucial two days ahead in the hope that it would probably conclude a two year struggle […]

The old saying beneath any disagreement, needs to have a basis of ‘agreeing‘ to disagree. Once more this quote has been proven in the past few days, and wonders on the strange, but not scarce phenomenon between Hezbollah and the State of Israel. We don’t deal with terrorists” – claimed each side of the border. […]

The Lebanese parliament was held today for the first time in ten months. At the top of discussions, before the heated debate of the Presidency, was to get an official statement from the parliament on what has really happened to the Lebanese National Army and Fatah al Islam in northern Lebanon in May of 2007. […]

The inner circle has learned that a strategy has been set by ‘several‘ international observers, which was confirmed by the Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri and MP Amin Gemayel and have coordinated amoung each others the steps to be taken for the presidencial ‘debate’ which starts on Tuesday, September the 25th, 2007. The scenario will […]

Antoine Ghanem got back just two days ago from the UAE. A booby trapped Mercedes was exploded in the Sin el Fil residential area today, seven people dead in total and 20 wounded. Walid Jumblat was the first to say it was Antoine Ghanem that was at the scene (source: Al Jazeera International). The March […]

The Lebanese army has set the example to all local refugee camps -  Today in Lebanese history, the army marched out proudly from the rubble of Nahr el-Bared with a sense of accomplishment. The Lebanese goverment ‘claimed’ that 222 Fatah al Islam soldiers were killed and 202 others were captured. The inner circle in it’s wide radius congradulates the […]

This is it. The official results are out. The Metn by-elections has been grabbed by the FPM‘s Camille Khoury, as all of Sundays nightfall gave confusions since both parties claimed victory. The many Lebanese websites, including the Lebanese Forces as well as Tayyar‘s portal gave constant poll counts as the information came in. Somehow, there […]

Lebanon is not the homeland of any party, group, sect, or religion, it is the country of all Lebanese,” Saniora said today after an emotional family matter to Saad Hariri’s welcoming speech to the UN vote.


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