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Adored among Beyrouthi circles, the charismatic french minister of foreign affairs Bernard Kouchner reached Beyrouth on friday, greeted by french diplomats and foreign ministry officials. France, our long historic benefactor have finally come back to greet our freshly assigned president of the republic. Tomorrow, french president Nicolas Sarkozy will head to the palais présidentiel in Baabda, to greet […]

… back to the times of Lebanon before FPM Rafik Hariri’s assassination. If history repeats itself, then, Lebanon had just reduced a “15 year war” in 1975 involving  our beloved Lebanon, then Palestinians entering Lebanon, Syria, then Israel, and at last each other… into a 4 year conflict span since 2005. For the past three years, we have […]

by Linda Heard Today, Lebanon is infused with optimism and hope. Stocks are soaring, the capital’s downtown area is once again open for business after being turned into a tent city for anti-government protesters, and the tourist industry has galvanized in preparation for the summer season. The Lebanese are experts at bouncing back from adversity. It […]

Nice to see him in a suit. President Michel Sleiman spoke of strengthening Lebanon’s constitutional institutions, minimizing incendiary political rhetoric, preserving the rights of diaspora Lebanese and pursuing constructive and balanced relations with Syria. Parliament speaker Nabih Berri on the other hand, sneaked a message in Parliament to the United States, saying:”I thank the United States nonetheless, […]

… and a blessing from here. The Lebanese community in Qatar saluted on Wednesday efforts exerted by Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifah al-Thani and Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem bin Jabr al-Thani to solve the 18-month-old deadlock in Lebanon.

Before this blog returns to the more artful and nightlife fun side of Lebanon, I just want to get politics out of the way by this step by step guide as to what happens next:

Happy New Year 2008!! Will we re-elect our MPs again in 2009? hah! If I get enough support, I’ll try to push an Anti-Campaign to demean all our elected MPs for blocking what the people that elected them, really want. Today, for the 12th time; the opposition and the majority have failed to agree on […]

At 6:58 am, a bomb exploded in Baabda, a town known to be heavily secured by the Lebanese National Army. Two people were found dead. Minutes after the explosion, the media stated that Brigadier General Francois el-Hajj and Khairallah Hadwan (Al Hajj’s bodyguard) have been the target of this assassination. Al-Hajj took a lead role […]

Is ‘Annapolis’ another phoney peace conference?I would hope Minister of Culture Mitri, would be able to push Lebanon as an important and timely issue and finally make Bush proud of at least One country in the Middle East before he signs off and able to sleep at night. A nation that has received a lot […]

In Lebanon, the Christian community is by far the most anxiously saddened community in need of a President. The army handling the situation on the streets do give some sort of comfort, while the government ought to decide with Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir on a new President. This blogger feels, that any coming President, is […]

After the celebrative walk down of ex-pro-Syrian President Emile Lahoud came to an end. He left behind him no successor; Preventing from handing out the government to Prime Minister Fouad Seniora, the ex-president gave charge the Lebanese National Army to hold the nation together for the next 7 days left. Updates: 12:00 – No Christian […]

Not electing a president today is unlawful, unjust and unfair. we’ve been dragged and exhausted.   Kalam el Nas’ insightful and amusing political show last night as discussion kept on brewing, leaked two names, out of 5 from the Original 7 then , down to 2 by removing each camps candidate, Michel Aoun from the […]

Discussions between the Opposition and the Government is still going strong. This observer feels ongoing collaboration will truly be very helpful on the long term, regardless of the final decision on a candidate’s name this Friday. With the last crucial two days ahead in the hope that it would probably conclude a two year struggle […]

its about time. This is the first time the inner circle posts on the presidential elections. Due to reservations I hold, my first initial opening would be a public appeal for every citizen, Lebanese, throughout the world, stand for a minute of silence, to spread his reflection on himself as a unit in society, and […]

KHALASS! Petition Signing Action this Saturday in Greater BeirutDemanding an End to the Political Deadlock KHALASS! will continue its efforts to raise public awareness on the civil role for ending the political crisis and spread the word to demand for dialogue. Join KHALASS! volunteers in collecting petitions from all over Beirut by bus and on […]

It is elementary knowledge to realize, that our sole distinction as a people living in Lebanon, characterized by labels of sects, and canned like virtual boxes to make us really believe we are finally and socially, Not One. For those who are new to the Lebanese innercircle, Lebanon is a country situated in the middle […]

G.M. Aoun and S. Franjieh were among the first to head the delegation to Bkerke for talks about the Lebanese presidency, after rumours that the meeting would be postponed. The March 14 Christians, have refused to set the meeting in accordance with the FPM and Franjieh’s clump of Marada. They will meet with the Head […]

October 5, 2007 (unedited) Long post… worth the read. After various deep searching, this blogger has gathered that the United States of America had indeed interfered in Lebanese Presidential elections, due to the fact that the official declaration by the March 14 political movement, associates to the current American government, was that the Syrian Regime […]

– Now! Lebanon Staff Lebanon’s parliament postponed Tuesday’s crucial session to elect a new president until October 23, an official told AFP. “The session has been adjourned to October 23 at 10:00 a.m. (0800 GMT),” a spokesman for parliament Speaker Nabih Berri said. Both March 14 and opposition MPs arrived at the parliament building, but […]

The inner circle has learned that a strategy has been set by ‘several‘ international observers, which was confirmed by the Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri and MP Amin Gemayel and have coordinated amoung each others the steps to be taken for the presidencial ‘debate’ which starts on Tuesday, September the 25th, 2007. The scenario will […]

Hezbollah condemned the killing of Antoine Ghanem. Nabih Berri, speaker of parliament, is set to meet Maronite Cardinal Nasrallah Sfeir this Friday. With the narrow days ahead, the Lebanese Inner Circle doubts very much there will be elections to replace Antoine Ghanem before the presidential ‘debate’. So the current situation is laid out as the […]

Antoine Ghanem got back just two days ago from the UAE. A booby trapped Mercedes was exploded in the Sin el Fil residential area today, seven people dead in total and 20 wounded. Walid Jumblat was the first to say it was Antoine Ghanem that was at the scene (source: Al Jazeera International). The March […]

Signs of hope to settle the impasse of the halt of parliament has shed light yesterday, as a meeting held with Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea at Bkirki. While the next biggest debate facing the country would be the battle for Baabda, this was said: The formation of a second government would constitute as a […]

The short-lived grab-on of the presidency role, and the departure of yet another Lebanese president in September, concludes in smiles between Maronite Patriarch and P. Emile Lahoud. The post-lunch meeting held at Bkirki yesterday, gave a breeze of new ideas. Lahoud has put forth a suggestion (whether from his behalf or his political momentum of […]

The new French President Nicolas Sarkozy won yesterday by 53% over his opposing socialist candidate Ségolène Royale. Sarkozy is set to foot in office two weeks from now. The outcome needs sinking in. The International Herald Tribune, published the following statements by world leaders: ► Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres called Sarkozy a “friend of […]

President of Lebanon E. Lahouds’ term will expire on November 22. As the clock ticks, some leaders are getting out of their shell to hint at their candidacy.

Géneral M. Aoun yesterday launched his presidental campaign in Lebanon to gather the most Christian support, in defiance that he is able to gather more support and voice than his opposing ‘Lebanese Forces’, representing the government. Which brings me of the current presidential campaign in France.

… Dosen’t sound as familiar. Without comment, I list the Oppositions’ official statements before the press.


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