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The glowing light was reported at around 8:45 pm. Some are going as far as referring to it as an UFO, others as meteorite showers. Charbel has suggested that it may have been the result of a long range missile which was test fired from Astrakhan region in central Russia at 21:39 Moscow time. Others say these lights were first […]

It was a promise by MTV and a heartfelt endeavor to the circle. An additional reason, not objected in the report, was the adamant fact that you no longer see Lebanon’s mountains, its horizon, its paysage, the greenery of what’s left of our Lebanon; For what? Loud & vulgar ads, imposing an “in yo’ face” […]



If you wangle Ziad Baroud’s last interview with Marcel Ghanem, I see a pattern in his thinking. I feel his ideal government, is the government that governs least. I feel if the Lebanese society noticed that the Lebanese government is doing its part, society would feel compelled to play its part as well.

On September 29, 1989, sixty-three of the seventy-six surviving members of Lebanon’s 1972 Parliament gathered in the city of Ta’ef in Saudi Arabia to reach a settlement to end the civil war at the request of Lakhdar Ibrahimi, envoy of the Arab Follow-Up Committee, set up by the Arab League. The meeting came against the […]

The Termium 2009 conference is a flop. I received several thoughts from Lebanon out of a clump of observers concerning the Termium conference at BIEL, and listened to their ideas. It seems… Lebanese social mingles realize that there is more potential of an Entrepreneurial spirit. The internet is creating a lot of niches, each specilizing […]

Ideology… takes decades to refine. Forgive my bluntness, as a bias observer only to the Christian seats in the Metn Area, more precisely one seat, actually it’s the difference in number of votes. I really don’t care what the other goons are doing, they’re lowering the standard of what to expect. Also, I have stated my predictions […]

I swear to you – I am striving on keeping an objective point of view in these elections, as I have done in the past three years, and we have a whole written blog on each post that you are free to search and browse to testify my case . I’m looking at the Elections in Lebanon […]

The United States will provide the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) with twelve Raven unmanned aircraft in the coming months. Really? I mean who would read this and not think the U.S. intentions in doing its utmost not to monitor Hezbollah and it’s movements. The U.N. is doing its part rather efficiently, and effectively in keeping […]

First Dubai, and now others seem to be amazed by it. Noor International Holding is planning on building this massive island covering an area of 127.8 squared miles in the touristic coastal area of Lebanon, the Cedar Island lends itself as a luxurious residential, commercial, and touristic project. Its geographical location along the Lebanese coast […]

Consider this a give away. One benefitial feed to add to your RSS, would be the magazine published by MIT, Technology Review. An interesting breakthrough came up today which updates what caught my eyes back in 2007. It’s about metamaterials. The act of refracting light (that is how we see objects) to spectrums with frequencies […]

Two days ago, the New York Post published a news article about Reverend Jesse Jacksons’ speech in France, stating that there will be “fundamental changes” in US foreign policy – saying America must “heal wounds” it has caused to other nations, revive its alliances and apologize for the “arrogance of the Bush administration.“ The most […]

On Vacation


Hello Chaps, As you may have noticed, the blog has fallen silent for a week now. I’m currently in Lebanon; and I haven’t had enough time to fill you in, as Buffon and theFool are on vacation as well. Enjoy you’re end of it too :)

Every now and then, I post about emerging Lebanese blogs. Todays post will plain talk my relative and personal views on this blog. As the title ‘Blogging Beirut‘ sounds, seems pretty self-descriptive, but this is not your ordinary conventional Lebanese blog. It seems to be a clump of authors, residing mainly in Lebanon, and unlike the native blogosphere, […]

The Inner Circle is ‘endorsing’ French web application as an excellent source of streaming quality music of your choice. The songs are endless, and streams instantly. I cannot be blunt any more than this. A personal preference, found in their Vocal Jazz radio of the 20’s. Flash Player is required. you’d have to be […]

I strongly encourage my readers to watch this movie – Network (1976). imdb

Last year today this poster was trying to soothe Lebanese Society. Reads “100 days of tranquility”. (100, only?) Abstractions or reality is a funny, funny thing. A compelling thought as I stare at the soldier in the picture, who has changed roles so many times and remained ethical and balanced throughout the way. Tip of the hat […]

France 24, seldom being the first to scoop news on our beloved Lebanon, has stated that the Majority of March 14 have announced Seniora as their choice for Prime Minister. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. Somehow, I (personally) think things will be slightly different this time around. Overall I prefer Seniora over young […]

     Israel, where one of the world most innovative tech industry, comparative to Silicon Valley has launched a new web-based idea. Awkward for a country like Israel to come up with a website that allows users to file complaints against anyone or anything, argue their case, have the community choose sides, and ultimately vote on […]

The internet came along way while Lebanon still lacks mainstream broadband (fast) internet. Consider it your lucky day, cause the term RSS (Feed) will be a common word you’ll encounter. RSS is good. What it does is, it keeps you posted on all up to date news that interests you in a synchronous form without […]

Lets hope today will unify Lebanese rather than divide us.Hezbollah is out to Blame Israel, and the March 14 are out to Blame Syria. Its making wonderful headlines in my mind. 

A Muslim woman is allowed to fight back in self-defense if she is hit by her husband, Lebanon’s top Shiite cleric declared Tuesday in a ruling rare for the region’s male-dominated Islamic society. – AFP Elsewhere, Annapolis claimed to be slightly more of what this blogger envisioned for Palestinians, but Lebanon’s major problem in the […]

Gemayel proposed: “I plead with Speaker Berri to issue an immediate call to the parties of national dialogue to meet as soon as possible and resume discussion from where it stopped prior to the July (2006) war, which is the defense strategy.” – Naharnet’s loud headlines Excellent Gemayel. Smile, and the world smiles back at […]

Syria’s attendance of the Annapolis Conference comes as a big blow to Iran and Hezbollah who are trying to boycott the conference.Maybe they’d like to snif around and test the waters before plunging into any concrete deal with the Israelis. Syria initially stated it would not attend the Annapolis Conference, unless the subject concerning the […]

Is ‘Annapolis’ another phoney peace conference?I would hope Minister of Culture Mitri, would be able to push Lebanon as an important and timely issue and finally make Bush proud of at least One country in the Middle East before he signs off and able to sleep at night. A nation that has received a lot […]

In Lebanon, the Christian community is by far the most anxiously saddened community in need of a President. The army handling the situation on the streets do give some sort of comfort, while the government ought to decide with Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir on a new President. This blogger feels, that any coming President, is […]

Par CHRISTOPHE AYAD Un an après la guerre au Liban, Aimée Thirion (1) a voulu revenir sur les lieux. « A l’époque, il y avait de la solidarité et de la colère. » Contre le Hezbollah pour certains, contre Israël pour d’autres. « Il y avait aussi une lassitude de la guerre et la peur […]

The title includes, me. I feel, our main problems facing us today in our technologically advanced and abstract world; is that we have the tendency to symbolize what we mean and term, by words, units and patterns that have ‘become’ realistic, and therefore confuse reality with abstractions. Our realistic view that we tend to confuse, […]

Against all odds. Without any notice, Hezbollah conducted maneuvers under the watchful eyes of the Lebanese National Army, and the FINUL (UNIFIL). Naharnet stated a worrisome add-on to the average newspapers description of the headline. They have stated that the UN would think of leaving Lebanon in the next 4 months.

KHALASS! Petition Signing Action this Saturday in Greater BeirutDemanding an End to the Political Deadlock KHALASS! will continue its efforts to raise public awareness on the civil role for ending the political crisis and spread the word to demand for dialogue. Join KHALASS! volunteers in collecting petitions from all over Beirut by bus and on […]

The old saying beneath any disagreement, needs to have a basis of ‘agreeing‘ to disagree. Once more this quote has been proven in the past few days, and wonders on the strange, but not scarce phenomenon between Hezbollah and the State of Israel. We don’t deal with terrorists” – claimed each side of the border. […]


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