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Lebanese Enterpreneur Wissam Abdel Baki created Perk My City to help Lebanese local citizens report, view, or discuss the disorder in the streets of their city (currently only in Beyrouth). Violations such as abandoned vehicles, graffiti, litter, potholes, road blocks, sidewalk defects and any violation considered disgraceful to the city’s image. To report a violation, the Lebanese […]

Here are what some bloggers are writing about StopLira: English: Brian, Lilianne, Najib, Khodr, Joseph, Mustapha Arabic: Imad,  Tony French: Hala

Si vous n’avez pas encore remarqué, les emplois en Génie logiciel & Biotech sont les domaines les plus en demande dans les 2 prochaines décennies, ou meme plus. Si vous êtes dans votre adolescence, l’Inner Circle vous suggère fortement l’étude des matériaux dans le développement de logiciels et de conception., W3Schools,, La Ferme du Web et Google sont d’excellents resources pour vous aider à démarrer. Si vous n’êtes pas en mesure de payer pour les abonnements, veuillez envoyer un courriel à et nous allons essayer autant que possible pour vous aider à obtenir un compte avec Prenez note que les didacticiels vidéo sont en anglais. Faire suivre […]

Our government announced on Saturday that it would set up a fund and opening a special account at the country’s central bank to bankroll a plan to build up the poorly-equipped Lebanese army. Defense Minister Elias al-Murr said the government would debate a draft three-year armament plan, adding that a civilian commission would be named […]

The subject matter is something we hold dear, and makes a great addition to our circle ethics archive.

Nothing inspires me to put this among this circle than a deep conviction of a well worth viral.

I post this to the people who won’t be forwarded by this, since I am sure this is making more its viral among Jews, Christians and Islamophobes. [Watch First] Not sure what to make of it. The producers make it sound as if it’s bad. Who says how the world is now – is the proper […]

Aggregated by the Daily Srar – Lebanon is among a growing number of countries moving toward a complete abolition of the death penalty, a detailed report by the human rights group Amnesty International has found. The 2008 study on global death-penalty practices, published on Tuesday, paints a relatively optimistic picture of growing global reluctance to […]

more on Aldous

Lichtenberg figures are a sort of concrete, 3D model of a fractal tree. They are formed by hitting a block of clear acrylic with about 5 million volts of electricity. As the electrons blast their way through the material they leave a trail. And as they move, they try to avoid each other, forming smaller […]

Confucius once said that… Goody goodies, are the thieves of virtue. I’d like to explain the wisdom behind this… When People fight wars… I trust them, if the reason in which they fight a war, is to steal other peoples properties, natural resources (and women), because they will fight a merciful war. They won’t destroy […]

If you’ve enjoyed the first lecture series on the inner circle, here comes the second chapter. Sorry for not posting more regularly, I’ve grown not to have any more time to post on a daily basis. Neither do the other fools on this blog. Comments are still disabled. If you haven’t already done so, listen to Chapter 1 before listening […]

Subject Abstractions. As you already know, and to most who’s never tried – Comments have been disabled again. Over a year of blogging, the time has come to share the knowledge and basic ideas that bounds this community. Having a constant stream of 240 ~ 280  readers/day and growing … I’d like to introduce yourselves, to […]

Mr. Walid Jumblat blasted out in a weak sign of anger claiming the following: “You want disorder? It will be welcomed (?). You want war? It will be welcomed (?). We have no problem with weapons, no problem with missiles. We will take them from you. If the political vacuum continues, if arming and training […]

Fellow bloggers at the Ouwet Front have run into some controversial trouble. Mark’s post states, he has received an email through a chap, by the direct authority of Dr. Samir Geagea, stating he should shut the Ouwet Front blog, and subscribe to the authority of a mono-centered website which feeds news. The dispute quickly spread […]

Against all odds. Without any notice, Hezbollah conducted maneuvers under the watchful eyes of the Lebanese National Army, and the FINUL (UNIFIL). Naharnet stated a worrisome add-on to the average newspapers description of the headline. They have stated that the UN would think of leaving Lebanon in the next 4 months.

This famous word uttered by the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Bernard Kouchner at Saint Cloud, sparked a movement among Lebanese that are in fact fed up of the political stalemate between one group over the other, hence the word ‘Khallas‘. The Khalas campaign which is made up of the social fabric of everyday Lebanese, […]


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