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Having an established and long known vibrant night life (since the 50s). Beyrouth is quickly becoming a center stage of a unique nightlife today. Canadian-born Comedian Peter Russel headed to Lebanon’s clubs & shares his story. Funny or Not, the word got out!

Are you aged between 24 and 35? Do you fancy the Stephen Colbert’s persona? Are you a fan of the absurdity of the Onion News Network, or the humour of Family Guy? Got a Beyrouthi accent? Can speak French & English? As long as you’re Lebanese, with the characteristics above, and is genuinely able to […]

A Syrian man was arrested today for setting up a checkpoint, yes in 2010, and for stealing a vehicle. Tannous Mitri was driving his Mercedes on the highway earlier this month when he stopped at a checkpoint. Surveillance cameras showed a Syrian national holding a gun standing at the barrier and, according to the Internal […]

Israeli air farce flew over the Hasbaya region in south Lebanon dropping a number of air balloons, one of which resembled a doll, al-Mustaqbal daily reported on Monday. Some of the balloons had the following English words: “Sweet for you” and “I love you 2004“.  and One of the Balloons looks like Sponge Bob-square pants. […]

I knew it wouldn’t take long before someone viral marketed this game. This shoe throwing flash application-game has one objective: Hit Bush in the face with your shoe. Lebanon is currently the 11th country in the world that plays this game. I don’t know if the more people trow shoes at Bush is necessarily good […]

To most Lebanese-Canadians and surely those residing in Québec know of the hilarious  Têtes à claques animation sitcom. This clip was sporadically spread throughout the Lebanese community in Canada. I should note the dialect has the Québecois accent which ought to take a few seconds for you to catch up, and understand. Feel free to check […]

This is the claimed Israeli newspaper’s decision to publish a handwritten prayer left by Barack Obama in the cracks of Jerusalem’s Western Wall drew criticism Friday as an invasion of his privacy and his relationship with God.


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