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On December 14th, 2010 from 7:00pm till 9:00pm at Hazmieh ROTANA Hotel where you will learn: – A brief history about wine and grapes – The flavors/aromas of red, rosé, white, sparkling and sweet wines – How to detect good and bad smell – How to choose and select wine – How to match food with […]

Lego, the danish toy company and the Danish Embassy in Beyrouth donated on Wednesday toys to daycare facilities at development centers across Lebanon. A ceremony was held for the occasion under the patronage of Social Affairs Minister Salim al-Sayegh and Education and Higher Learning Minister Hassan Mneimneh. Thanking the Danish Embassy, Mneimneh said that Lebanon […]

It started with Tabbouleh a few years back. Today,  Israelis who are in need of rediscovering their own culture, decided to steal their neighbors; How creative. Today, it’s the Falafel, which is traditionally an Egyptian (Copt) delicatessen, has recently been packaged and labelled under the Ta’amti brand, which won the prize for best food ‘from […]

Sunday passtime


Facebook, the social networking giant boasting, has a new plan for generating revenue: selling user data from its 150 million members to market research firms. “The company, which has struggled to make money from advertising, has been demonstrating the benefits of its new instant polling tool to some of the most influential business leaders at […]

We’ve got a new feed for the inner circle, to keep track and ahead of the news. It’s flash based, so it looks cheerful for your daily news, along your feeds. It works with iGoogle, and many other (flash enabled) sites, all you have to do, is click here.

Consider this a give away. One benefitial feed to add to your RSS, would be the magazine published by MIT, Technology Review. An interesting breakthrough came up today which updates what caught my eyes back in 2007. It’s about metamaterials. The act of refracting light (that is how we see objects) to spectrums with frequencies […]

Des néonazis qui opèrent en plein cœur de l’Etat juif. En 2007, cette affaire avait choqué la société israélienne. Le 23 novembre 2008, les huit membres du groupe, qui filmaient leurs expéditions punitives, ont écopé de peines de prison ferme. “On ne pensait pas que cela pouvait exister chez nous” Simon Katin a émigré en […]

Saviez-vous que Tony Fadell, créateur du iPod, est d’origine libanaise? Né en 1969, de parents libanais, diplômé de Michigan University, il reçoit un appel téléphonique de la part de Steve Jobs alors qu’il skiait dans les Rocheuses. “L’histoire de l’iPod a commencé début 2001, dans les montagnes Rocheuses. L’ingénieur Tony Fadell faisait du ski lorsqu’un […]

Lebanese Expats in Dubai, Moghtarebee Lubnan – In our efforts to launch our Dubai activates and hold our upcoming Lebanon Expats event in Dubai we are recruiting volunteers for the below positions. Be part of an international organization, gain experience and network while making a difference for Lebanon.   The positions that we do require are:

Y-Chromosomes are that part of an individual’s DNA which reflects the male lineage, passed unchanged from father to son. As such, it compromises a significant part of any nation’s DNA. By analyzing the origin of Y Chromosomes, it becomes possible to determine the origin of the male side of a sample group. full study [published […]

Not sure what their relation is to Beirut the city, but it sure sounds like our cafe bars.

To the al-Hajj family Khalass! (and The Lebanese Inner Circle) mourns the loss of your son, husband, father, brother. To the Lebanese Army Khalass! mourns the loss of a valorous leader. To Lebanon’s politicians Khalass! mourns your dereliction of duty and failure to lead the people of Lebanon.


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