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It was a promise by MTV and a heartfelt endeavor to the circle. An additional reason, not objected in the report, was the adamant fact that you no longer see Lebanon’s mountains, its horizon, its paysage, the greenery of what’s left of our Lebanon; For what? Loud & vulgar ads, imposing an “in yo’ face” […]

Patronnée par Son Excellence Monsieur Johan Verkammen, Ambassadeur de Belgique Le Samedi 28 novembre 2009 de 18 à 20h00 en sa Résidence à Yarzé/Baabda En remerciement pour l’engagement de DEFILIBAN et de ses partenaires locaux dans le projet belge et international « LES TAMBOURS POUR LA PAIX », Et à l’occasion de la visite de Monsieur […]

A teacher experiments the effects of segregation and racism on third graders. & part 4

Search for Common Ground (SFCG), an international conflict transformation NGO, created Kilna Bil Hayy, or “All of Us in the Neighborhood,” in the hope of enlightening young viewers to the commonalities shared between Lebanon’s different communities. The 13-part series, which was funded by Denmark’s Rockwool Foundation, focuses on six families who live in the same […]

Marc Abizeid - Cartoonists representing a variety of Lebanese newspapers gathered in Beyrouth’s Madina Theater Thursday for a discussion sponsored by the Swiss Embassy titled “How to Draw Lebanon Today,” in a bid to launch a week-long exhibition at the theater featuring their collaborative works. The discussion was hosted by Swiss The International Herald Tribune cartoonist […]

Clowns and street performers danced in the rainy streets of Lebanon’s capital on Tuesday bringing holiday cheers to the shopping district. Thirty performers from Germany, Italy, Morocco and Lebanon donned rainbow-coloured wigs and red plastic noses to put on a show, as frustrated drivers blasted their horns. Some clowns walked on stilts as others danced, juggled, […]

Lichtenberg figures are a sort of concrete, 3D model of a fractal tree. They are formed by hitting a block of clear acrylic with about 5 million volts of electricity. As the electrons blast their way through the material they leave a trail. And as they move, they try to avoid each other, forming smaller […]

The Lebanese inner circle would like to endorse an odd but very necessary blog I stumbled upon. I’ve read well into his blog, and I wasn’t sure if he was jocking. Truly, he has seen through the differences of Yin and Yan, and realising that white people wouldn’t know what they were if it weren’t […]

Confucius once said that… Goody goodies, are the thieves of virtue. I’d like to explain the wisdom behind this… When People fight wars… I trust them, if the reason in which they fight a war, is to steal other peoples properties, natural resources (and women), because they will fight a merciful war. They won’t destroy […]

I strongly encourage my readers to watch this movie – Network (1976). imdb

Inciting hate, open communication messages from political camps on air waves. The Lebanese media has done a shame to itself, and held a share of the conflict problems. We have no source to trust. Everything will be looked upon by its viewers as a conspiracy or a plain lie. The modernised Future TV openly supporting […]

The sectarian violence in Iraq and the social anatomy of Lebanon forces people to talk in terms of sects. It is our long buried, new standard of labeling ourselves. On March 8 and on March 14, 2005; We all proved openly to the world that we can be democratic and resolve disagreements peacefully rather than […]

Subject Abstractions. As you already know, and to most who’s never tried – Comments have been disabled again. Over a year of blogging, the time has come to share the knowledge and basic ideas that bounds this community. Having a constant stream of 240 ~ 280  readers/day and growing … I’d like to introduce yourselves, to […]

The American administration may well be on a turnover cycle, where all the ‘U.S.’ that has caused harm* and damage* to the Middle East in the era of George W. Bush is coming to an end, as He will take the burden of U.S. policies in his time. * abstract words as to reality But […]

Prior to my comment at Beirut to the Beltway, the Lebanese Daily Star, have stated that Seniora answered back in London, that “Israel is our only enemy”. Seniora added Lebanon was seeking “good relations” with Syria and Iran. “However, relations must be based on mutual respect. It is not acceptable for Iran to view Lebanon as […]

The title includes, me. I feel, our main problems facing us today in our technologically advanced and abstract world; is that we have the tendency to symbolize what we mean and term, by words, units and patterns that have ‘become’ realistic, and therefore confuse reality with abstractions. Our realistic view that we tend to confuse, […]

Against all odds. Without any notice, Hezbollah conducted maneuvers under the watchful eyes of the Lebanese National Army, and the FINUL (UNIFIL). Naharnet stated a worrisome add-on to the average newspapers description of the headline. They have stated that the UN would think of leaving Lebanon in the next 4 months.

KHALASS! Petition Signing Action this Saturday in Greater BeirutDemanding an End to the Political Deadlock KHALASS! will continue its efforts to raise public awareness on the civil role for ending the political crisis and spread the word to demand for dialogue. Join KHALASS! volunteers in collecting petitions from all over Beirut by bus and on […]

It is elementary knowledge to realize, that our sole distinction as a people living in Lebanon, characterized by labels of sects, and canned like virtual boxes to make us really believe we are finally and socially, Not One. For those who are new to the Lebanese innercircle, Lebanon is a country situated in the middle […]

Reports have been coming in that Myanmar’s government has taken the country’s Internet connections offline. These reports have been confirmed from the outside. A post on the NANOG mailing list (an insider list for Internet Service Providers) details some research that shows the following:

The biggest trick society was able to pull, was to make us feel we Lebanese, are not alike. Now you know. I, from my standpoint, state; that the biggest conspiracy of conspiracies in which Lebanese so passionately adore, was the highest bid in foreign nations to somewhat show us, that we, Christians, Druze, Muslims and […]

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas yesterday gave an open appreciation to the Lebanese courtoisie of Palestinians since that have refuged since the 1950, and clearly stated that Palestinians in Lebanon are guests and are grateful to the Lebanese law that has welcomed them in their hard times, and also pointed out that Palestinians do not, and […]

Latest report on ICRC activities in the field The fragile truce in the camp held on Saturday and Sunday, though tensions ran very high. There was reportedly heavy gunfire on Friday night and some sporadic shooting early on Saturday morning. There is still a steady trickle of refugees abandoning the camp on foot. While figures […]

Its about time we promote what we long for.

A wise man once said that the Universe is made up of the unity of its diversity; because you wouldn’t know one, without the other. The news hit the Daily Stars third page and not at all on other media outlets. The gathering of private educational institutes set up to make a booklet freely distributed […]

I’d like to use a country like Iraq as a model nation to look at, in the third person. Iraqi media kept on saying for six months that Iraq was on ‘the Brink‘ of civil war, all the while insurgents blowing themselves up in measurable number, the Iraqi media stated that it was still on […]

The year, 2005. Remember 2005? That’s about two years. Is anyone aware of the last two years? From Rafiq al-Hariris’ broad daylight assassination, to Aoun and Geagea back into the political scene, An official Syrian military withdrawal, The declared and open murder of several political figures, Hezbollah ignites and responds to a full pledged war with […]


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