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The new 2012 list of the Worlds most powerful Arabs reveals 85 names that originate from Lebanon, with Saudi Arabia contributing 67 and Egypt and the UAE 58 names each. Many US based Arabs are originally Lebanese, according to the magazine. Click here for the new List. What we have published today is the most comprehensive guide of […]

Patrick Semaan crafted this very interesting piece of Infographics describing why Voting may not be a fair competition in the MENA Region. Click the image to get a decent view.

Some wonder if the U.S. intervention in Iraq in 2003 made things better. With all the stand ups of nations, people throughout the Arab World stood up to their Governments, from Tunis to Bahrain, BBC Radio 4 just released an audio documentary about Lebanon during the current empasse faced in the Arab World. Tune in.

Palestinian organizations, parties and institutions are organizing for a rally to be held on May 15 under the slogan “The right to return to Jerusalem.” “Those to participate in the rally will march toward the Lebanese borders with occupied Palestine,” the correspondent said, adding that rallies for the same cause will be held in other […]

It’s hard not to notice Qatar’s prominent position in the Middle East and the Indian Peninsula. Today Al Jazzera English has showed off Qatar’s innovative artificial mechanical and remote-controlled cloud that will be used to ensure shades above the stadium hosting matches at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The cost of the project is currently […]

Hind Hobeika, 22 ans, ingénieur mécanique, a été sélectionnée grâce à sa surprenante invention : des « goggles » (lunettes de plongée) capables de mesurer la fréquence cardiaque du nageur pour en améliorer la performance. Sélectionnée parmi 7.000 candidats, Hind a réussi toutes les étapes pour se placer parmi les 4 finalistes dont elle est […]

Eid M’barkeh!


The Inner Circle would like to share with all Lebanese its sincerest wishes for the Holy month of Ramadan. May these days be filled with good health and happiness for you, your family and friends. Wishing  you a Blessed Ramadan and Fitr M’barek.

It was by far the most unexpected news coming out of Syria. Syrian students are officially not authorised to wear the niqab (fully covered voile) in public and private universities. In the name of protecting Syria’s laïque identity. Surprised? read on… Echoing similar laws being passed in Europe, a ministerial official at the Ministry of […]

Starting today, countries can use Internet country code top-level domains that are independent of the Latin alphabet, according to Internet regulating body ICANN. As it currently stands, a site in Saudi Arabia must use “.sa” as its root. Now it can use the Arabic equivalent and leave off translating. Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Saudi […]

The first web-series in the Arab World, “Shankaboot” meets the daily life a young delivery boy in Beyrouth, called Sleimane. Accessible over the internet since March 12, the series tries to blend Turkish and American productions. From Algeria to Syria, this episode may be the buzz of the internet tomorrow. Tested secretly since March 12th, “Shankaboot” is […]

As Sudan awaits the final results of the elections to be announced, Al Jazeera visited a neglected but an important section of the country’s voters, the Sudanese Copts. Sudan’s Copts are a minority but they are known in Sudan for their good business sense. A lot of the businesses in Sudan are owned by Copts. […]

Le développement de l’économie de rente (hydrocarbures, aides des émigrés, aides internationales, etc.) dans les pays arabes constitue un facteur majeur non seulement de retard économique mais de déficit démocratique également. La conférence de M. Georges Corm portera sur la « paresse » économique et technologique des pays arabes, comparée au dynamisme des pays du sud-est […]

ArabNet 2010 is the first international conference for the Arab web industry, bringing together leaders from across the MENA, Europe and Silicon Valley to discuss cutting-edge trends and emerging opportunities. Through pitch sessions, the conference will feature the region’s brightest ideas and most promising Internet start-ups, and connect them with the internet ecosystem: incubators, angel […]

“Hi, kifak? ça va?”: si les Libanais se targuent d’être polyglottes, le mélange très courant de langues a sa contrepartie: la jeune génération est critiquée pour son manque de maîtrise de l’arabe, en faveur duquel une campagne de promotion vient d’être lancée: jeudi, l’Organisation arabe pour l’éducation, la culture et les sciences (Alecso) a proclamé […]

The UNESCO Centre of Catalonia-UNESCOCAT is glad to announce the celebration of a three-day Summit on Arab New Media to be held in Amman, Jordan, in February 2010. If you are Lebanese and enthusiastic about New Media and its potential to foster peace, dialogue and development in the region, kindly send your resume and a brief note about yourself as soon as possible to We accept applications […]

On September 29, 1989, sixty-three of the seventy-six surviving members of Lebanon’s 1972 Parliament gathered in the city of Ta’ef in Saudi Arabia to reach a settlement to end the civil war at the request of Lakhdar Ibrahimi, envoy of the Arab Follow-Up Committee, set up by the Arab League. The meeting came against the […]

This video of Dhiyaa Al Musawi really viralled, this is the third time I receive this video, and feel it’s about time I share it with the circle, with the least fear of being critised.

Update: After An-Nahar, LBC, MTV & Studio Vision lays off more of their staff. Elias Khoury, Georges Nassif, Jean Karam (who headed the training center), Nazih Khater, May Yaacoub (editor of the last page), Khalil Nahas (editor of the sports page), Bahjat Khater (editor of the judiciary section), and Walid Abboud (responsible for the Nahar al-Shabab […]

Lebanon and the Arab countries have all so far but neglected the issue of climate change but must now actively cooperate in negotiations during a key upcoming summit in Copenhagen, Lebanese environmental activists said on Monday. The demand was made by the throngs of people gathered in Beyrouth’s Ain al-Mreisseh neighborhood who erected a “Climate Change Countdown […]

General Manager of Comtrax Solutions Jihad Bitar raised the alarm concerning an article published in Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal on a potential deal between Walid Ben Talal and Murdoch himself; and I quote… The Wall Street Journal reported today that Rupert Murdoch – the Australian media mogul (owner amongst other things of the Fox channels […]

This news relates to two post we’ve released; One is about Yahoo!’s purshase of Maktoob (a Jordanian company) and the other on Google exploring the Mideast markets while in Beyrouth. The CEO of Abraaj Capital got the leap of the sum, he sold 40 percent of its stake in the Maktoob Group in 2007. The […]

LBC SAT‘s office in Jeddah has been closed by the Saudi Ministry of Information and Culture. This happened after LBC’s “Ahmar Bil Khat Al Arid” showed the “confession” of a Saudi man, recalling how he had numerous sexual encounters with many Saudi women. The witness, explained how to pick up Saudi women using Bluetooth. The […]

Lebanon witnessed today the First day of Ramadan. From myself and on behalf of the circle we’d like to wish you all a Ramadan Karim.

This time last week, news circulated that Yahoo! bought the active Jordanian start-up Maktoub, which gave hope that even abroad, an interest in the Arab world’s web/social networking market service got some interest by some of the big boys of the (Silicon) Valley. This week, among the entrepreneurs and software developing community in Lebanon, rumours spread like […]

Its hard to ignore a story I read on Wikeez concerning a scenario where a Saudi man’s sexual adventures were boasted on LBC’s Satellite edition, which raised an alarm in the Kingdom and resulted in his arrest. The fellow accused the show of deceit. Here’s an excert of the article, feel free to read the […]

I stayed up till 3 am to listen to Obama’s speech on Al Jazeera English. I doubted he would mention Lebanon, as the country is traversing Parliamentary Elections. U.S. President Barak Hussein Obama addressed the whole Muslim world from Cairo. My jaw dropped while chewing, as the U.S. president mentioned the Maronites in Lebanon, the […]

U.S. President Barak Obama is holding his ground on Israel. As he prepares to travel to the Arab World, he reiterated on NPR that he supports a freeze on settlements and said “Part of being a good friend is being honest. And I think there have been times where we are not as honest as […]


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