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The sectarian violence in Iraq and the social anatomy of Lebanon forces people to talk in terms of sects. It is our long buried, new standard of labeling ourselves. On March 8 and on March 14, 2005; We all proved openly to the world that we can be democratic and resolve disagreements peacefully rather than […]

These days haven’t been kind to the Israeli Prime minister with probes he’s being faced with. Out of all the news roaming on Lebanon scattered throughout the internet, I chose to post todays inquiry on an interview of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert with Radio France International. The francophone station, of course, broadcasts in Lebanon on 96.2 MHz. […]

by Hooman Majd If there were ever a perfect example of the Bush administration’s utterly bankrupt, and provably impotent, foreign policy, it would have to be the State Department’s reaction to events in Beyrouth over the last few days. The laughably weak U.S.-backed Lebanese government, in what can only be described as a moment of insanity, decided last […]

    Well, as predicted, the government backed down on its decision of ruling out the removal of head chief of security at the International Airport, and gave the decision up to the Lebanese National Army to decide on Hezbollahs’ underground communications network, if it benefits the Lebanese people, and whether it truly secures the Lebanese […]

Today morning, the western hemisphere woke up to the news of West Beyrouth being taken over (we’re all Lebanese anyway), by the opposition. Sayyed Nasrallah’s words still echo in my ear… Our Weapons, are not for internal use… will not be used for internal use … Though, I have to admit, he has been patient; […]

     Israel, where one of the world most innovative tech industry, comparative to Silicon Valley has launched a new web-based idea. Awkward for a country like Israel to come up with a website that allows users to file complaints against anyone or anything, argue their case, have the community choose sides, and ultimately vote on […]

The American administration may well be on a turnover cycle, where all the ‘U.S.’ that has caused harm* and damage* to the Middle East in the era of George W. Bush is coming to an end, as He will take the burden of U.S. policies in his time. * abstract words as to reality But […]

I have no idea what to make of Norman Finkelsteins’ views, taking into consideration he is Jewish, with your typical New Yorkey accent.

The fact that France is openly handing Israel the guest of Honor this year at the book fair in Paris, is somewhat of a blunt statement to the Islamic world honoring Israel’s 60th anniversary. Worse even, the Lebanese boycotting the fair is by far even stupider. France said today that it regrets Lebanon’s decision from […]

L’Orient-Le Jour’s editor Issa Goraieb points out today, an interesting idiosyncratic idea on Lebanon’s social acceptance of the “other’s” grievance. I wonder, would a Lebanese march 14 supporter, sympathize with the rest of Lebanon on Mughniyeh’s death? Inversely, would a Lebanese Hezbollah supporter sympathize with the fact, that the majority of Lebanese feels Syria killed […]

I was astonished to see from all across the world on TV – my fellow Lebanese, all of them standing for a cause, or several. There was a huge amount of people at the demonstration today as much as my screen was able to show me. Which demonstration? The one running on All Lebanese stations. […]

An unknown murderer, who’s been sweeping Lebanon since Feb 14, 2004; has struck again. I’d like to bundle all the killings and public murdering of a professional hit man (or group – no idea) will get in the way of Lebanese dividing and confronting the other. Reality is, the rascals are the minority people, and […]

What should you beleive? ask the computer ?

Words of War?Down with all politicians, especially Aoun – but this last raised an alarming bell in an interview this week.General Aoun has presented on Iranian Press TV, a document signed by Rafic Hariri in 2000, supporting the naturalization of Palestinians in Lebanon, as a choice to be taken in return for calling off Lebanon’s international debts. […]

Happy New Year 2008!! Will we re-elect our MPs again in 2009? hah! If I get enough support, I’ll try to push an Anti-Campaign to demean all our elected MPs for blocking what the people that elected them, really want. Today, for the 12th time; the opposition and the majority have failed to agree on […]

A Muslim woman is allowed to fight back in self-defense if she is hit by her husband, Lebanon’s top Shiite cleric declared Tuesday in a ruling rare for the region’s male-dominated Islamic society. – AFP Elsewhere, Annapolis claimed to be slightly more of what this blogger envisioned for Palestinians, but Lebanon’s major problem in the […]

Syria’s attendance of the Annapolis Conference comes as a big blow to Iran and Hezbollah who are trying to boycott the conference.Maybe they’d like to snif around and test the waters before plunging into any concrete deal with the Israelis. Syria initially stated it would not attend the Annapolis Conference, unless the subject concerning the […]

Is ‘Annapolis’ another phoney peace conference?I would hope Minister of Culture Mitri, would be able to push Lebanon as an important and timely issue and finally make Bush proud of at least One country in the Middle East before he signs off and able to sleep at night. A nation that has received a lot […]

In Lebanon, the Christian community is by far the most anxiously saddened community in need of a President. The army handling the situation on the streets do give some sort of comfort, while the government ought to decide with Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir on a new President. This blogger feels, that any coming President, is […]

Not electing a president today is unlawful, unjust and unfair. we’ve been dragged and exhausted.   Kalam el Nas’ insightful and amusing political show last night as discussion kept on brewing, leaked two names, out of 5 from the Original 7 then , down to 2 by removing each camps candidate, Michel Aoun from the […]

In one moment, the General, Michel Aoun got back the respect he struggled through in one patriotic <as usual) withdrawal of his candidacy on Lebanon’s independence day and to have a major say in naming the president. This blogger, would hope the opening candidate(s) be granted representation among the Lebanese Christians in specific and a […]

Discussions between the Opposition and the Government is still going strong. This observer feels ongoing collaboration will truly be very helpful on the long term, regardless of the final decision on a candidate’s name this Friday. With the last crucial two days ahead in the hope that it would probably conclude a two year struggle […]

After a publicly open back and forth discussion between the U.S. of A. and Syria, each, blaming the other for interfering in the Lebanese presidential elections; I see no room for me to take sides. In fact I feel the US and Syria are both interfering in Lebanese affairs. Regardless of whom has the upper […]

The title includes, me. I feel, our main problems facing us today in our technologically advanced and abstract world; is that we have the tendency to symbolize what we mean and term, by words, units and patterns that have ‘become’ realistic, and therefore confuse reality with abstractions. Our realistic view that we tend to confuse, […]

Zeitgeist the movie (2007). An entertaining “Conspiracy Theory” worth watching.

Good news for Lebanon have been coming out of Paris recently. Aoun and Hariri have met three times in the past 72 hours. Syria seems to be the one least having a voice in Lebanese affairs, truly depicting that Lebanon is finally choosing its fate on its own terms, without U.S. nor Syrian interference, at […]

Daily Star Editorial A senior Pentagon official kicked up a storm of suspicion in Lebanon when he told LBC television that the US military wants to build a “strategic partnership” with Lebanon’s army. Eric Edelman, the US undersecretary of defense for policy, rightly pointed out that a stronger Lebanese Army would reduce the need for […]

The old saying beneath any disagreement, needs to have a basis of ‘agreeing‘ to disagree. Once more this quote has been proven in the past few days, and wonders on the strange, but not scarce phenomenon between Hezbollah and the State of Israel. We don’t deal with terrorists” – claimed each side of the border. […]

It is elementary knowledge to realize, that our sole distinction as a people living in Lebanon, characterized by labels of sects, and canned like virtual boxes to make us really believe we are finally and socially, Not One. For those who are new to the Lebanese innercircle, Lebanon is a country situated in the middle […]


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