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D’excellentes nouvelles pour les expatriés libanais dans la belle île de Montréal, Québec et le Canada en génerale. Depuis hier, des vols directs entre Beyrouth et Montréal seront disponibles.  – Great news for Lebanese expats in beautiful & freindly Montréal. As of yesterday, direct flight to and from Beyrouth to Montreal are available. In the words of […]

I’m a fervent fan of Family Guy (watch all episodes), to my shock many in Lebanon are still not aware of such humour. This comes a bit late for an introduction with Season 8. Relations between Catholicism and Judaism Continuing tensions in the Middle East impacts on the relations between Jews and Catholics in the […]

A petition has been launched by 35 participating pubs & restaurants in the Gemmayzeh area to ban smoking in their venues (public areas, you may smoke at the door though). This is not the first attempt, but it pleases me to see civilzed occupational safety and health regulations, which prohibit tobacco smoking in Gemmayzeh. Sign […]

Le pluralism culturel : espace d’échange ou de conflit? Dans le cadre du Salon du Livre francophone de Beyrouth Les  Editions L’Orient-Le Jour ont le plaisir de vous convier à une conférence-débat autour du livre de Bahjat Rizk Les identités culturelles collectives Avec la participation de Samir Frangieh, Michel Hajji Georgiou et Bahjat Rizk Modératrice: […]

On October 23rd an Extraordinary World Congress will be held in the old “Club Libanés” to vote for the amendments suggested by the Bylaws amending committee chaired by the Past President Anis Garabet. Address of the “old” club: ‎ Hermes 67 col. Crédito Constructor Deleg. Benito Juárez México D.F. 03940‎ ‎+52 (55) 52289933‎ Please refer to the […]

A preliminary probe into two explosions in southern Lebanon seemed to indicate that Israel had planted spy gear in Lebanese territory, a violation of a cease-fire agreement between the two countries. The explosions, according to the UNIFIL peacekeeping force, were caused by the detonation of two Israeli underground sensor devices, apparently planted during the 2006 […]

The International Committee for the Safeguarding of Tyre announced on Wednesday the launching of the League of Phoenician, Canaanite and Punic Cities. The league will be part of the Tyre Foundation, a new international organization that is to include about 30 cities located on the Mediterranean coast. It will aim at reinforcing cooperation between the cities on […]

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Three Lebanese students from the Iman High School in Sidon are to compete in the World Robot Olympics (WRO) in South Korea in the coming month of November. The Robot Programming club, which was  launched two years ago and is the first of its kind in Lebanon. The robot club includes students from the classe de […]

The Italian Cultural Institute in Lebanon is launching its 9th week of “Italian Language in the World”. An event series taking place at the Italian Embassy in Baabda next Monday, focusing on the Italian language in the fields of Art, Science and Technology. Activities will start at 6 p.m. on Monday October 19 with the inauguration of […]

Lebanese Expatriates voting from their residential country. – An issue this blog has been keen on seeing adopted in a full manner, as any and every self respecting democracy in the world currently enjoys. This may also prevent rumours that some political parties paid for travelling tickets to get extra votes in their favour in 2009. […]

It makes you wonder why U.S. President Barak Obama was granted the Nobel Peace prize nine months into his presidency. Today in news, Turkey and Armenia signed a historic agreement to establish normal diplomatic relations and reopen their borders on Saturday, after a last-minute dispute over wording sent Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and […]

FrenPresident Nicolas Sarkozy’s policy is focused on achieving an extraordinary Middle East summit to be held in Paris mid-next month or early December, with the participation of Russia, the United States and some Arab Gulf States.
Al-Mustaqbal newspaper correspondent Asaad Haidar said France believes Lebanon’s participation in such a summit is essential “since peace has to […]

This is a design expression which I’ve spotted that needs redistributing. As the title implies, this was designed by Patrick Semaan. It beats having a Kalashnikov on your flag. I feel the concept behind this design reminds me a lot of Saatchi & Saatchi’s campaign of “I ♥ Live”. The subheading in red says:”The Islamic […]

La 9 ème édition du Festival International du Film de Beyrouth (7-14 octobre) a été officiellement annoncée lors d’une conférence de presse à l’Hôtel Albergo à Sodeco . La directrice du Festival, Colette Naufal, fait avec nous le point sur l’organisation et le déroulement de ce festival. Parmi les moments forts : la venue particulièrement […]

After the massive layoffs of fifty employees and writers at An-Nahar, it was LBC‘s, MTV‘s & Studio Vision‘s turn to do their part. While rumours circulated that MTV layed off around sixty of its staff, information director at MTV, Ghayyas Yazbeck clarified to L’Orient Le-Jour that his institution layed off only eight (8) employees. The concerned […]


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